The girl with purple eyes

Violet Hanes and rose Dixon are two best friends who have been dreaming of moving to England when they finally do they bump into Niall Horan and the other boys at the store looking for cookies. Niall instantly really likes her but so does Harry. Will the goofy couple make it? Or will Harry plan to take this girl away from Niall too?


8. the talk

*violets pov*

"Hey Liam we haven't been able to bond so now is our chance to huh?" I asked him while brushing my hair

"Yeah it is haha so tell me about yourself"

"What would you like to know" I was now sitting criss cross on the bed

"Whatever you can think of"he said smiling and sitting next to me

"Okay well my dad is a big time manager he owns just about every music company there is including yours, my mother isn't here with us she died from leukemia, rose is my best friend, I like cookies, I like making people laugh it makes me happier to know I'm the reason they are laughing or smiling even, I'm not shy at all only when it comes to guys honestly sometimes I get caught tongue tide and can't speak"

"Really why" Liam asked turning his head to the side

"I don't really know it just happens"

"That's wierd" he said shrugging his shoulders "it'll go away eventually"

"I hope so"

Just then there was a knock on the door

"I'll get it" I got up and answered the door

"Hey Harry is everything okay"

"Yeah it's fine"

"Then why are you here this isn't part of the game"

"Can we talk for a sec" I suddenly got really nervous

"Um okay hold on" I said turning to Liam

"Hey Liam I'm gonna have a talk with Harry I'll be right back"

"But that isn't part of the game"

"That's what I said" I laughed and went into the living room with Harry it was empty

"So what did you want to talk about" he sat right next to me and put a arm over my shoulder I felt a little uncomfortable because I really liked Niall not Harry

"I have a question"I was nervous and shy so I was only able to let out a 'hmm'

"What would you do if I kissed you right now" I was shocked 'no Harry no' I was practically yelling in my head I couldn't say anything I tried to shake my head only to find out it was too late he had his lips on mine I didn't move I just sat there frozen

He moved away

"I'm sorry violet I'm sorry to put you in this position but you had to know that there is other options before it gets to late"

"I-it's already to late" I stuttered I just got up and walked outside

I was crying I felt bad but I felt like I betrayed Niall we weren't official yet but we were close and I'm stressed

I didn't know where to go so I just went to a club to get some drinks luckily I had my money in my pocket from earlier

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