The girl with purple eyes

Violet Hanes and rose Dixon are two best friends who have been dreaming of moving to England when they finally do they bump into Niall Horan and the other boys at the store looking for cookies. Niall instantly really likes her but so does Harry. Will the goofy couple make it? Or will Harry plan to take this girl away from Niall too?


5. Harry's thoughts and flour angels

*harrys pov*

"Dude did you see her she was hot like smokin hot" I said to the boys

"Yeah but looks like Niall and her already have a thing sorry mate" Liam stated but I only felt my blood boil. I wanted her how can her and niall have something already. I admit it I'm jealous. I mean who wouldn't be she is flippin beautiful there's just something about her that little spark about her. Her eyes her hair her body everything is just so real. And she was in hideaway clothes so I'm guessing she's famous. Hmm what was her name I want to search her up to find anything out. Hmm Abby no rose nope that's the other girl it was a color and flower I know this. Violet. Ahh that's the name there you go

I searched up her name violet and I got something I didn't expect at all see was the daughter of the manager of the biggest music companies. Damn. That means ours too. She's wow I'm lost for words.

*nialls pov*

After my shower I went downstairs to go see that beautiful face I craved to see every second of everyday. Woah that sounded a lil creepy. Haha

I went downstairs and looked on the couch and saw rose

"Hey rose where is.."

"Violet in the kitchen" she said cutting me off

"Thanks imma.."

"Go over with her have fun love birds just not too much fun"

"Haha okay thanks"

I walked into the kitchen to see powder all of the floor and on her face and clothes. Now I couldn't help but laugh

"Shut up" she laughed but still had a serious tone

"Hey it's not my fault I didn't want to make powdered flour angels" I laughed again

"Shut up and help me clean before rose finds out"

"Before rose finds out what" rose said while walking in and she froze and looking around in terror

"Vi vi what in the world happened" he looked at me "Niall did you and violet have ANOTHER food fight"

"No we didn't I dropped a bag of flour"

"Good for you now clean it" I said trying to sound like rose

"You'll have to catch me first" and just like that she took off running around the house

Once I finally caught her I threw her over my shoulder and carried her back


"But but daddy I wanted to go to cookie island" she said while giving me the puppy dog eyes

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