The girl with purple eyes

Violet Hanes and rose Dixon are two best friends who have been dreaming of moving to England when they finally do they bump into Niall Horan and the other boys at the store looking for cookies. Niall instantly really likes her but so does Harry. Will the goofy couple make it? Or will Harry plan to take this girl away from Niall too?


3. hang over

Violet's pov

I woke up and ran to the bathroom puking my head out I started crying because I hate when I puke it makes me feel horrible. it also reminds me of my mom and when she died of leukemia (a type of cancer) then I felt a warm hand rubbing on my back

"It's okay just let it all out" Niall said with his Irish accent although he sounded calm

Once I was done I washed my mouth out and drank some water

"I hate alcohol" i said

"Haha well you surely enjoyed yourself last night and btw how was 'cookie island'" he laughed his laugh was amazing and it seemed to brighten the room

"Shut up" I laughed with him and I fell back asleep I woke up again I looked at The Irish boy who was still sleeping next to me I giggled and he slowly woke up

"Good morning" I said quietly because he probably had a headache

"Morning beautiful" he whispered but it still made me blush

"Do you need something for your head?"

"Yeah can I see the medicine"


"Interesting huh?" I asked him trying not to laugh but failed miserably

"Okay now give it up" we both laughed

I gave him the medicine and he drank it. We got up and headed to the kitchen to make something to eat

"Wait how did we get back to the house?"

"Rose gave me your address so I brought you here"

"You didn't drive while you were drunk did you?" I asked nervously

"Of course not I hired a taxi"

"Haha okay good" I laughed and we started making pancakes

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