Sex addict w/ Friendly benefits

Hi ! I'm Daylan me and my new roomies just moved into a condo ... && marieanna my bestfriend needs a place to stay . I find out marieanna also has feelings for my roomies but I also think I'm in love with all of them ! WHO AM I FALLING FOR ??
( Harry styles & Zayn Malik & Liam Payne ) <3



I headed downstairs into the kitchen . Why did I just agree with Liam ? " shit " I mumbled to my self . I saw Zayn Harry Louis and Niall sitting on the couch staring at me . " hi guys " I said just to break the silence . Everyone said hi except Zayn :( . I went into the kitchen and grabbed some cereal. " well can I sit on someone's lap . There's no space . " . I asked cause literally there was no space . " come on bestfriend " Louis screamed . He picked me up and sat me on his lap . It was kid if akward since Zayn was next to us . Zayn stared and stared at me until I couldn't take it . " I'm gonna go take a shower " I said getting up . " I'm going to my room " Zayn said still staring at me and following me up the stairs . I walked into my bathroom and took off my shorts shirt and bra leaving me in my underwear only . Zayn walked in and began to check me out . " omg Zayn what the FUCK , and staring isn't polite especially when you're marrying someone else " ! I whispered \ yelled . Zayn started to tear up but wiped his eyes . " Daylan , don't you understand . I fucking love your stupid ass . Fuck I'm crazy about you ! You you you you , ugh I can't get you the fuck out of my head . EVERYTIME I kiss Perrie I'm thinking it's you. I dream everyday about the DAMN STUPID MISTAKE WE MADE HAVING SEx . I JUST FUKING WANT YOU but ALSO WANT YOU OUT OF MY HEAD ! He yelled so hard that it echoed all over the house . " oh , well I'll give you a break " . I sobbed and put my clothes back on running into my room an throwing myself in the bed . " Daylan I'm sorry " ! He whispered . I got up took out a bag and threw clothes in it . I don't know where I'm going but I have to give him a break cuz I love him . " Daylan please " ! He yelled . I reached for the door knob and looked back . " it seems to me that I loved you but .... I can't CAUSE YOU FUCKING NEED SPACE UGH YOU DUMB ASS . GO FUKING MARRY PERRIE AND LEAVE SO YOU CAN HAVE ALL TE DAMN SPACE YOU NEED ! I yelled even harder . There were soft words going off into screams . The whole house was quiet . " what ? " he aske with his eyes widened . I ran out and saw Liam on the couch . " are you ok- ? " he asked but I cut him off . " bestfriend can I spend some nights at your house ? " I cried . " come on bestfriend , let's go " .

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