Sex addict w/ Friendly benefits

Hi ! I'm Daylan me and my new roomies just moved into a condo ... && marieanna my bestfriend needs a place to stay . I find out marieanna also has feelings for my roomies but I also think I'm in love with all of them ! WHO AM I FALLING FOR ??
( Harry styles & Zayn Malik & Liam Payne ) <3


5. the walk ( drama )

Harry pov >

Me , Zayn and Daylan are on our way to pick up some food from McDonald's ... " you alright Daylan " Zayn asked and grabbed her hand holding it like they were a couple . She grew a smile on her face , " yeah , why ? " she replied back . GOD , knows I WANNA KILL YOU ZAYN!!!!

" uhh , I don't know , I like you a lot " he said shyly looking into her eyes. I had to interrupt " Daylan can I talk to you for a second " I asked trying to keep my temper in . She looked at me as if I ruined the moment for her . " uhh now ? " she said with annoyance in her tone . " Yes . now ! " I said . She came walking to me and said " yeah ? " " uh I like you " I said with no entire shame . " Awwww I like you too " she said back smiling. I look towards Zayn as he came walking by throwing a punch my way! I was knocked out into total darkness ! Last thing I remembered was Zayn screaming in my face " She's MINE PERVE , COME NEAR HER AGAIN AND SAY THAT TO HER ILL KILL YOU , I SWEAR " ! Also screaming from Daylan . What just happened?

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