Sex addict w/ Friendly benefits

Hi ! I'm Daylan me and my new roomies just moved into a condo ... && marieanna my bestfriend needs a place to stay . I find out marieanna also has feelings for my roomies but I also think I'm in love with all of them ! WHO AM I FALLING FOR ??
( Harry styles & Zayn Malik & Liam Payne ) <3



At the house *

" I'm sorry if you don't want me here " I whispered to Louis . " NO I LOVE you I mean it's fine " he yelled . " what ? " I aske in shock. " I love you , I like you . I want to fuck you . I want to have sex with you . I want you to myself ! " He yelled . " oh " I looked at him but he looked the other way . I pulled him into a heated kiss . SHIT , SHIT GOt HEATED ! Louis removed my clothes as I removed his . Louis found his way Into me and I yelled out " LOUIS " ! " baby you're great " he yelled . . He sticked his fingers into me . " oh babe your so wet " he moaned . He removed his hands as I went down on him and gave him a blow . I licked his very top , and licked it up and down . I started to pump his erection as he threw his head back " oh baby " he yelled . I sucked on his balls and the tip again . I can taste the pre cum . " cum for me babe " I yelled . I felt a warm ooze come out of him as I swallowed it . " babe your amazing " he yelled . He thruster back into me as I felt the point that I caught another orgasam . I arched my back and grinded with him to make him crazy . " oh baby grind harder please harder baby harder " he yelled . " only if you got faster " I yelled . Louis started to move faster then I grinded harder . Then Louis caught him orgasam. After we were done , we went straight to sleep we just had sex for 3 hours straight .

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