Sex addict w/ Friendly benefits

Hi ! I'm Daylan me and my new roomies just moved into a condo ... && marieanna my bestfriend needs a place to stay . I find out marieanna also has feelings for my roomies but I also think I'm in love with all of them ! WHO AM I FALLING FOR ??
( Harry styles & Zayn Malik & Liam Payne ) <3


13. jealousy

We got in the car and there was just silence . I wonder if he heard me an Zayn , but Zayn had a special part in my heart . But then there's Liam , who is always there , sweet and kind . But Zayn he and I had something that I can't recall , idk if it was love but I want him in my life forever .

" what's wrong Daylan " Harry asked looking my way then back to the road .

" um nothing but can I ask you something "

* flashback *

I woke up and walked down stairs into the kitchen I heard muffled noises of marieanna moaning from kissing Harry . What the actual fuck , I liked Harry and marieanna is my bestfriend but as long as their happy I'm happy

* end of flashback *

" helooo earth to Daylan ? "

" oh , um is there something going on between you and marieanna ? " I asked him

" jealous " he smirked . " so there is & to answer your question no , if she's happy im happy " I replied

" really ? Didn't seem like it with the incident with her and Liam " ! He said sarcastically with a smirk .

" ugh I know , I hope they forgive me " ! I replied and then there was silence .

* at the restaurant *

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