The Killer In Me

Shunned Family.
Twisted Lies.
Awful Murder.
A Crying Child.

Society has pressured us to do all kinds of things. We change ourselves to fit with the crowd, change our attitude, our image. For a hurt little girl, she changed her life. By losing her sanity.


1. A Call For A Murder

Once upon a time a girl in the woods died and she haunted the ones who dare come near her; and her family.

My name is Yoshiko Tsukino, I work with a man who I wish to keep anonymous. We investigate murders, suicide, homicide, mass murders, man slaughter and all kinds of death. I can even say we're kind of experts.

It was the summer 2003, we got called in for an investigation about a family found dead in a home. A neighbour reported the incident early in the morning.

The family was no ordinary one to say the least, it was a house hold of two children and a set of parents. The twist is that both parents were male. The oldest daughter is Marie Jane, 16 years old and the second was Claire, 5 years old. Both parents are in their mid 30's, Diana and Felicia Andrews.

We got to the site and what I saw nearly made me sob. The supposed dead family were all sitting in the living room as if it was all okay.The room was neat, no signs of trouble. Minimal traces of blood and thinking back it was neat. "1....2....3...." My partner said aloud, counting the bodies.

"Did you guys see another body?" I asked the FBI unit.

The one in charged heard and replied. "We're searching the area right now, the woman who called you guys in said she knew some stuff. The thing is she won't tell us anything, seems spooked"

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