Why Would I Do This

Arania Frank is very confused in helping a certain Draco Malfoy. Sure they hate each other. Or do they? It's supposed to be a secret that they are friends. And only Pansy, Blaise, Malfoy, and a little Crabbe and Goyle know. Arania is also best friends with The Golden Trio; Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley. (And all the other Weasley's.) She is really CONFUSED and scared of what will happen and who will find out. Hermione tries to convince Malfoy not to fire Hagrid when that AWESOME hippogriff injured his arm while he was in the hospital. He ends up liking her company. But what happens when he finds out her secret. Her secret that Pansy and Blaise know. Why did Blaise invite her to Hogsmead with us. Why is Pansy ok with it

This is my fourth movellas


3. which house really short

Hermione's POV

I woke up to tapping on my glass window. I groaned. There was an owl. "Mum" I yelled. She came running in seconds later.

"What?" I pointed to the owl. She looked absolutely baffled. There was a knock on the door. I ran to catch up with mum. There was a lady with a an emerald cloak? "Hello" mum greeted. The lady nodded.

"Im Professor Minerva McGonagall. Please call me Professor or Professor McGonagall. May I come in?" Mum nodded. "Did an owl come to you?" She just now noticed me. I nodded my head vigorously. "So this is baffling news. Hermione Granger?" I nodded again. "Your a witch" She said bluntly. I got excited. I was about to say something when mum beat me to it. 

"Is that why she's been able to do thing" McGonagall nodded.

"So" McGonagall continued "There's a school called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Headmaster is Professor Albus, Percifriel, Wolfred, Brian, Dumbledore. I'm the Headmistress. School term starts September 1st. Tomorrow I will assist you to go to Diagon Alley to get your school supplies. After that you got o King Cross Station. Run through the barries between 9 and 10. Don't worry, you won't crash. Only wizards and witches can pass through. Muggle means non magical. Muggleborn means magical but no wizard blood in them. Half-blood means A wizard marries a muggle or muggleborn, and a pureblood means their whole family are magical." This is so cool. IM A WITCH. AND ACCORDING TO MCGONIGALL IM GOING TO THE BEST SCHOOL IN THE WORLD !

Skip to the Sorting Hat.

Im so nervous. "Frank, Arania" McGonigall called. She got into Griffindor. I started muttering incarnations.to the spells, then. "Granger, Hermione." I got up wobbily. McGonigall put the hat on my head.

"Hm" a voice said. I knew it was the hat. "You could be in any house. Even in Slytherin. Did you know that only purebloods could be in Slytherin? Of course you would. You have the brains to be in Ravenclaw. Oh? I think bravery outruns everythin. Better be GRYFFINDOR!"

Arania's POV

"Frank, Arania" Mcgonacall called my name. I stepped up. She put the hat on my head.

"Hm. Very smart, thirst for knowledge. Could be Ravenclaw. No your too cunning. Oh. You have more of a chance in Slytherin. You are loyal to your friends and family, but not strangers. Can't be Hufflepuff. Oh!? Wonder where you get your looks and personality. It is a mystery. Very curious and brave. Better be... "Gryffindor" the hat yelled. I went to go sit by the Weasley twins. Ron introduced me to. Wait for it. HARRY POTTER. i casually shook his hand but inside i was exhilarate i mean come on Harry Potter.

First year ended remind me to KILL Snape.


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