Why Would I Do This

Arania Frank is very confused in helping a certain Draco Malfoy. Sure they hate each other. Or do they? It's supposed to be a secret that they are friends. And only Pansy, Blaise, Malfoy, and a little Crabbe and Goyle know. Arania is also best friends with The Golden Trio; Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley. (And all the other Weasley's.) She is really CONFUSED and scared of what will happen and who will find out. Hermione tries to convince Malfoy not to fire Hagrid when that AWESOME hippogriff injured his arm while he was in the hospital. He ends up liking her company. But what happens when he finds out her secret. Her secret that Pansy and Blaise know. Why did Blaise invite her to Hogsmead with us. Why is Pansy ok with it

This is my fourth movellas


2. My Life. Mystery's POV


Mystery's POV

I woke up. Today is my birthday. July 25. But I don't have that many friends. Just Jessie and Emma came for a sleepover Ok. I lied, I have a bunch of friends. I'm second popular in school. But the first popular girl is Brionna Jackson. She tries to make me unpopular. I don't even know why or how she had friends. I beat her at everything too. Which makes her hate me even more. I, Hermione Granger kick arse. But there's still those people that don't like know it alls. Im pretty. But it's not enough to get rid of the labels; bushy haired freak, beaver, know it all, teachers pet, etc. I don't let those people get to me though because I'm stronger than that.


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