Why Would I Do This

Arania Frank is very confused in helping a certain Draco Malfoy. Sure they hate each other. Or do they? It's supposed to be a secret that they are friends. And only Pansy, Blaise, Malfoy, and a little Crabbe and Goyle know. Arania is also best friends with The Golden Trio; Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley. (And all the other Weasley's.) She is really CONFUSED and scared of what will happen and who will find out. Hermione tries to convince Malfoy not to fire Hagrid when that AWESOME hippogriff injured his arm while he was in the hospital. He ends up liking her company. But what happens when he finds out her secret. Her secret that Pansy and Blaise know. Why did Blaise invite her to Hogsmead with us. Why is Pansy ok with it

This is my fourth movellas


4. First Class

Arania's POV

It’s my third year I'm best friends with all Weasleys’ (including Ginny, Bill, and Charlie. But I barley ever see Charlie and Bill.) Hermione Granger AND Harry Potter. Also Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson, and Blaise Zabini. Crabbe and Goyle not so much. Too dumb. Draco's always saying I should ditch Gryffindor and ask McGonagall and Snape if I could join Slytherin. But then I point out that no one knows we’re friends. I went towards the Gryffindor people and Draco the same but Slytherin. We have different classes for the first half of he day. I went to Harry, Ron and Hermione to tell them I’ll see them in Transfiguration. “ Why” they ask


“ Because I have Muggle Studies”


“Oh” they both said. I'm slightly happy because its third years and fifth years in Gryffindor which means Fred and George. They always make it interesting; besides Lee I'm their prank buddy. We went in and sat down right before Professor Charity Burbage came in. “ Now today class we will be learning about electricity. Say it with me. E-lek-tris-it-ee” the class echoed it back. I stopped listening after that. I may be a pureblood but I know all about muggles. Heck I'm just like Hermione (except I wear makeup).Speaking of Hermione I see her one up and one left seats in front of me. I thought she had Divination?! “Mione’’ she turned her head in my direction


“Yes” she whispered back


“I thought you have divination?’’


“I do’’


“Then why are you here?”


“Because I have Muggle Studies” I sat back confused and weirded out. Fred and George perfectly synchronized


 “Hey Arania”


“Are you”?


“ Wondering how”


“ Hermione’s here”


“And supposed”


“To be in Divination”




“ A time-turner”


“Oh of course that’s how she's having at least 10 classes a day” I suddenly felt hurt. Why didn’t she tell me? According to the way Harry and Ron acted they don’t know she has a time-turner. ‘’Thanks guys’’



‘’Problem’’ I have to think of a good prank to thanks for helping me. Now Ms. Charity is talking about electricity. We’re having a test tomorrow to see if we should drop the subject. Is class over? Where's Hermione?  Wait I'm stupid we have Transfiguration together. I hurry to McGonagall’s class knowing Hermione she would be there early. I step in. McGonagall isn’t here yet. But Hermione's here. “Mione”?




“Can I talk to you?”


“Ya’’ just to make sure I put a silencing spell around us so no one could here.


“First do you promise to tell the truth?”


“Yes of course. What’s this all about?”


“Are you using a time-turner?”




Hermione tried to run out.  I got her


“ Hermione you said you'd tell the truth”


“But I cant”


“You promised” 


“Ya but I didn’t know what you were going to ask me” McGonagall walked in.


“Hello Girls… You’re here a little early aren’t you?”


“Yes” we both answered


“ I understand Miss Granger but not you Miss Frank” she said with a questioning look.


“ First day back. Just excited today professor,” I said falsely


“Oh. Okay sit down please,” she said in her stern voice. Well there's no getting out now. I sat down resentfully. I started thinking; since Ron is dumb and Harry is smarter I’ll tell him. “Professor may I use the lavatory?” she nodded her head and I dashed out the room.


Hermione's POV

“ Just tell me”


“ I cant” I was starting to get nervous. McGonagall came just in time. When Arania leaves I’ll ask McGonagall what to do. God! First day back and someone already knows. Arania just sat down. Don’t look like she’s leaving any time soon.  I sunk down in my chair a tad. How did she find out? Someone had to of told her. She is smart enough to find out by herself but its only been an hour and only Dumbledor and McGonagall know. Who found out? Who was she sitting next to in Muggle Studies? Fred and George! OF COURSE! Arania's using the ‘bathroom’. Perfect chance.  McGonagall spoke, breaking the silence “Well what are you going to do”?


“Professor. Can you use a memory charm to erase she ever found out”?


“Yes, but that will ruin your chance of using your time-turner”. i looked up at the clock. 9:45.


“Can you erase it from my memory too”?


“May I ask why Miss Granger”?


“So I won’t stress on it,” I said honestly


“Very well. I will go speak to the Headmaster right now,”


“So can I leave”?


“Yes you---“before she could finish her sentence I was out the door looking for Fred and George. Where are they? Think Hermione think. Where would they be? The kitchens! I’ll look there first. I got there in record time.  You mat think that just because I'm a Know-It-All that I don’t know where the kitchens are, well your wrong. Fred and George showed me where they are. Ya I know bug shocker. Get over it. I tickled the pear on the painting and I opened, I walked in. a bunch if house elves came over to see who came. I asked them politely “ do you know where Dobby is”? they all parted to find Dobby in the middle.


“Miss Granger” he said excitedly


“hey Dobby. Listen. Do you know where Fred and George are”?


“Yes Miss Granger. Dobby thinks they in the room”.


“What room”


“Follow Dobby please” so I did. He led me to the seventh floor and there was a door he said “ This is where Dobby think they is Miss”


“Thank you Dobby” he smiled then disappeared. I opened up the door and………… 

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