Why Would I Do This

Arania Frank is very confused in helping a certain Draco Malfoy. Sure they hate each other. Or do they? It's supposed to be a secret that they are friends. And only Pansy, Blaise, Malfoy, and a little Crabbe and Goyle know. Arania is also best friends with The Golden Trio; Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley. (And all the other Weasley's.) She is really CONFUSED and scared of what will happen and who will find out. Hermione tries to convince Malfoy not to fire Hagrid when that AWESOME hippogriff injured his arm while he was in the hospital. He ends up liking her company. But what happens when he finds out her secret. Her secret that Pansy and Blaise know. Why did Blaise invite her to Hogsmead with us. Why is Pansy ok with it

This is my fourth movellas


1. About Me

Chapter One About ME

I'm Arania Frank. Daughter of Lucy and Tom Frank. I'm going to Hogwarts tomorrow and I hope I get in Gryffindor. I don't care about peoples' blood status but I am a Pureblood. I have cream colored skin. 5'0 feet tall. And i have big feet. :(. I have dark brownish red wavy hair that reaches up to my thighs. My eye lashes reach my cheek bone when i blink. Last year I dyed my hair blue and it turned green. But I'm happy i did it because i found out I'm at metamorphagus. My hair is naturally up to my thighs though because i don't use my metamorphagus powers. Enough about what i look like. My Hogwarts letter came by owl about two and a half months ago.  Here's how it happened.

Month and a Half Earlier

 I woke up. It was my birthday AND the arrival of my Hogwarts letter. Oh ya my birthday is July 15th  So I walked down the stairs to the kitchen. The lights were off, that's weird. "Mom, Dad" I yelled.


"AHHH"I slipped and fell down. The lights turned back on. My WHOLE family was here and friends like; the Malfoys, Parkinsons, Zabinis, and even the Weasleys came for my birthday much to the Malfoy's dismay. For my sake they hid it.

Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Headmaster:Albus Percifriel Wolfred Brian Dumbledor, order of Merlin, first class, grand sorcery, chief warlock, surpreme mugwump, international confed of wizards.

Dear Ms.Frank, we are pleased to inform you that you've accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcratf and Wizardry. Please fine enclosed a list of all the nesserairy books and equipment. Term begins September 1st. We await your owl no later than July 31st

yours sincerely, Minerva Mcgonnicall, Deputy Headmistress 

Uniform First Years Require

1. 3 sets of plain robes.(black)

2. 1 plain pointed hat. (For day use)

3. 1 pair of protection gloves. (Dragon hide)

4.  1 winter coat.(black with silver fastening)

NOTE. First years are NOT allowed brooms.

Course Books

1. Standard Book of Spells (grade 1) by Miranda Gashwark

2. History of Magic by Bahilda Bagshot

3. Magical Theory by Albert Waffling

4. Fantastic Beasts, and Where to Find Them by Meat Sacmander

5. Dark Forces

Note: you allowed to bring either an OWL, CAT, or TOAD


"AWESOME" I yelled after I finished reading the letter aloud.

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