High school prince scholar

This is my first story so it might suck. This is about a rich girl Hikari Sato, age 16, who's dad made an agreement with the king of another country for her to go to school with 7 of his 8 sons. She is to choose one of these 7 as her betrothed by the time graduation comes! Each of the sons have chosen a subject as there special interest and she has to go to class with them in each of their favorite subjects. After her mom died, her dad became super strict and her 2o year old brother is a jerk to her. Her only job is to graduate in the top 3 of each class, pick a husband out of seven gorgeous princes...and watch their youngest brother Genji, who's only 2!


1. Car Ride

School.  I'd always loved school, now I hate it.  Why?  The pressure, the homework, the tests, the pesky teachers? NO.  Just seven, annoying, problems.

"Ouch! Hey stop it Takumi!  Don't play football in the limo!"  "You can't tell me what to do, I'm older than you!"  "I'm older than both of you but you guys never listen to me" "Irritated, irritated, irritated..."  "Ha ha leave it alone Nao, it's not going to make it any better"   "Shut up, or I'll use you as a test subject in my next experiment! Mwahahahaha!" "Drž hubu! Shut up!"  I don't want to listen to this the whole way there!"  We haven't even made it to the first day of school and I already hate it.

"...EVERYBODY SHUT UP!!!!!" I yelled

Every one else, including the driver who'd been quietly suffering in silence up to now:"...ok"

I'm Hikari Sato, I'm 16 years old, 160 cm I have a few problems in my life, namely seven princes who want my hand in marriage.  And..

*giggle* "Genji, not you, sorry" I said patting the 2 year old on the knee."Just your idiot brothers"

And, a two year old named Genji, he's the other princes' youngest brother, for all their faults they do love each other, especially Genji.  But they're guys, and princes, so they don't really know how to take care of him, and with their mother leaving them a few months ago, it's my responsibility to watch Genji. 


There are eight princes, aside from the youngest Genji, oldest to youngest they are Aki(17), the math whiz, Seiji(barley 17), the 'evil' scientist.  Then there's Ran(16.5) and Nao(16.5) the theater twins, Ran is sweet with a beautiful voice, and Nao is, a little scary but an amazing actor.  They're complete opposites but they're perfectly in sync.  Then there's Takumi(16) the athletic jock of the bunch, and Louis(16); his mother was English, and he's a cultural geek. Finally there's Hideyuki(15), the computer nerd, second youngest.  Some of them had different mothers but were taken in by their father who is a king, of course which means they're spoiled.

Well, that's mean to assume that, my dad has the largest conglomerate firm in Japan and I didn't end up too spoiled, at least, I don't think so.  And they're mostly nice guys....kinda...sorta...maybe deep down in their hearts.     .......Really deep down.

"Don't worry about them, Hika sweet.  They're just jealous that you're gonna pick me" said Aki grabbing my hand, and bringing it to his lips. "Not gonna happen like that Aki" I said, pulling my hand away. "Yeah" said Seiji, catching the hand I'd just pulled away from Aki. "Besides I've been working on a love potion for Hika-chan and me you'll never stand a chance, Aki!". "Don't play with fancies of the heart" I said, yanking away my hand and putting on my lap.  Then Ran and Nao each grabbed one hand by the wrist and kissing the back on each hand, "Fancies of the heart are only to be played with by performers, besides two IS better than one, right Hika-chan?" The twins said in their classic perfect unison. "No way in hell" I said closing my eyes in annoyance, I didn't want to see this anymore, couldn't I go back to before? 


But Takumi's voice broke that fragile dream.  "Come on guys, we're the same age, we're perfect for each other". "I'm getting annoyed now..." I said dangerously, I always make a point to give a warning, weather they hear it is up to them. This time, I couldn't be heard over the arguing. "Ji minų vaikinai. Atsitraukti! She's mine guys. Back off!" Louis with his random languages. "B-but I like her best" Sweet Hideyuki, but that will not save you. 


After that nothing could be heard but arguing, and Genji was starting to get upset, he hated it when his older brothers fought.  So..."THAT'S IT!!!  We're having silent car rides from here to graduation!".  


And so, when it was finally quiet, I looked out the window and thought.  That's what I liked to do in the car, think.  About mom, school, worries, anything.  But today all I could think about were the events of last week that ended in today's procession to school.  A new school, a new life, a so far hated life.  Last week, on Tuesday, the last week before summer, this became my life.  And now, I thought with a quiet chuckle, only getting a couple of curious stares, 'Que the flash back'

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