Angels That Lead Us To Heaven (Sequel to The Runaway Angels)

Lily and Taylor have been abused by their father and escape to go start a life of their own. That all changes when they fall in love and their father finds them. This story is a sequel to The Runaway Angels, and consists of tragedy, healing, love, and how friendship comes through in times of need. Read to find out what Lily and Taylor have to deal with, and how they can fix their problems with the help of their best friends


3. Chapter 3

Lily’s POV

Lou stayed with us, but I was still worried that dad was going to find us. He always has a way to find Taylor and I. All we basically did was watch a football game. Liam was still out running errands, and Taylor fell asleep during the game. Lou and I talked for a little bit, but I just wanted Liam to come back.

3 hours later…….

I heard the front door open, and I was the only one awake. Earlier I grabbed a frying pan, that way I could knock out my dad with it. I quietly grabbed it and slowly walked over to the door. I raised the pan and then saw Liam. He lifted up his hands in defense, and I Iowered the pan. I set the pan down, and he embraced me into a hug. I’ve been wanting to do that since he left this morning. Louis then walked in, and so did the rest of the lads. Louis gently picked up Taylor, and took her to their bedroom. Liam switched through the channels and stopped on the news channel.

“Daniel Bay has been seen going into the countryside. As you can see from our chopper, he is running towards a house. Now that house is where Daniel Bay’s twin daughters live. They’re there now with One Direction,” the news lady said.

“The police have been contacted, and they’re bringing paramedics just incase one of the girls and or a member of One Direction gets hurt,” the other news reporter said.

I turned towards Liam, and he shut off all of the lights. We closed all of the curtains, and ran up stairs. Louis had locked all of the doors, and windows. He took us to where Taylor was sleeping, where it would be harder to find us. We heard sirens in the background, but then we heard a window shatter. I clung to Liam’s arm, but he moved me onto the bed by Taylor. I could hear screeching tires stopping in the driveway. I heard the bedroom door open.

  "Where are my daughters?" Dad's voice said.

  "Oh no!" I thought. "It's dad!"

  "You'll never have them Mr. Bay," Liam said.

  "They don't want to live under a abusive father," Louis said.

  Two gun shots went off. I sprinted off of the bed, and went to Liam. The room wasn't really dark, so I could find him easily find him. He was laying on the ground. There was some blood around part of his body. The bullet hit him in the stomach area. Then I saw that Taylor was by Louis. Louis was shot in the stomach too.

  "Hello girls," Dad said.

  I stood up and crossed my arms. I had forgotten that I had put a frying pan in every single room. It was under the bed. I told Taylor where I put it before she fell asleep. I could tell that she had grabbed it because she was right next to me.

  "You girls are stupid. You really thought that I couldn't find you? Now look what happened to your precious boyfriends."

  The door was left open, and I saw Niall standing there with Harry. They were clutching a frying pan. It was the one that I had downstairs. I nodded at Niall, and my dad turned around. Niall whacked him in the face and then stomping feet came up the stairs. Tears were streaming down my face because I remembered that Liam was on the ground...dying. I ran to him, and cried into his chest. I could hear his slow heartbeat.

  Someone had to literally pry me off of Liam. The paramedics came and I realised that it was Niall that took me off of Liam. I didn't want to leave him. Niall lead Taylor and me to his car. He drove us to the hospital, and now it was a waiting game.

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