Angels That Lead Us To Heaven (Sequel to The Runaway Angels)

Lily and Taylor have been abused by their father and escape to go start a life of their own. That all changes when they fall in love and their father finds them. This story is a sequel to The Runaway Angels, and consists of tragedy, healing, love, and how friendship comes through in times of need. Read to find out what Lily and Taylor have to deal with, and how they can fix their problems with the help of their best friends


17. Chapter 17

Lily's POV

I gave Liam some boxes to put some stuff that he could move into them. I had left Liam alone, that way I could find more boxes. All of a sudden I heard talking in the living room. I ducked down in the kitchen, but saw Taylor and Niall. They were talking about us moving. Niall seemed to be hurt about us leaving the house  and then something happened that surprised me a lot. Niall kissed Taylor and it wasn’t on the cheek at all! I kind of flipped out and then Niall walked into the kitchen area. I stood up and walked away with boxes, and completely ignored Niall. I think he called my name, but I wasn’t sure.

“Babe?” Liam asked after I walked into the room.

“Yes?” I responded.

“Does Niall seem a little down to you?”

“Yeah, I think he’s just going to miss us in the house, considering its just going to be three of them instead of seven of us.”

“He’ll get over it, eventually.”

Liam and I continued packing. Harry brought us dinner, but we didn’t eat until eleven.Liam insisted that we finish packing tonight, because the movers were coming tomorrow to collect the boxes. Paul hired movers for us because he doesn’t want Taylor and I to hurt ourselves and doing all of the moving, while Liam and Louis just unpack.

I had realised that I fell asleep packing the last of my items. Liam lightly shook me awake, and handed me the last of the packaging tape.

"Thanks babe."

I kissed his cheek and hopped into the shower. I couldn't wait to move into our new house. I felt like I could actually live a happy life without Dad ruining it.



Hi! This is the last chapter that we have finished. We'll keep writing as fast as we can and post more! Bye guys!


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