Angels That Lead Us To Heaven (Sequel to The Runaway Angels)

Lily and Taylor have been abused by their father and escape to go start a life of their own. That all changes when they fall in love and their father finds them. This story is a sequel to The Runaway Angels, and consists of tragedy, healing, love, and how friendship comes through in times of need. Read to find out what Lily and Taylor have to deal with, and how they can fix their problems with the help of their best friends


16. Chapter 16

Taylor's POV

    We got the house! I couldn't believe it! Lily and I helped the two boys get in the car so we could race home and start packing.

    "What's going on?" Niall asked as we rushed in the door. His eyes told me he knew we were moving, and I could sense he was upset, but he tried to cover it up with confusion.

    "Ni, we got the house!" Liam exclaimed.

    "That's great! When can I stay over?" He asked, trying to sound excited.

    "Well, we have to move stuff in there first and buy other furniture. You can help us if you want," Liam said, as Louis raced towards the bedroom. Niall nodded as Liam scurried away, and I pulled Niall into the living room.

    "I can tell you're upset," I confronted.

    "I can't believe my best friends are moving out. I knew it would happen, but no this fast," he sheepishly admitted.

    "Ni, you can stay over anytime you'd like once we get settled, but you have to understand it's for the better."

    "For the better, I know, I know. I'm sorry, it's just so weird. Only three of us will be living here now, and it won't feel right. Especially without Louis' pranks." Niall let out a tiny laugh. "But I understand, and I'd love to come visit."

    "Thank you for understanding," I said, giving him a smile and a peck on the cheek. I turned to leave but Niall grabbed my wrist and quietly called my name.

    "Taylor," he said, spinning me around. He pulled me close and gave me a kiss. On. The. Lips. He started getting into the kiss, but I had to pull away.


    "Thanks for cheering me up," he said, cutting me off. And with that, he left to go to the kitchen, leaving me there in shock and trying to make sense of what just happened.

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