Angels That Lead Us To Heaven (Sequel to The Runaway Angels)

Lily and Taylor have been abused by their father and escape to go start a life of their own. That all changes when they fall in love and their father finds them. This story is a sequel to The Runaway Angels, and consists of tragedy, healing, love, and how friendship comes through in times of need. Read to find out what Lily and Taylor have to deal with, and how they can fix their problems with the help of their best friends


13. Chapter 13

Lily’s POV

I could tell that Niall really didn’t want us to leave, but it would be easier for Taylor and I to take care of Louis and Liam. I knew that Taylor really wanted to leave this cramped flat, but then she also didn't want to leave. I was torn too.

As I walked into the bedroom, that Liam and I share, Liam was passed out in his wheelchair. I knew that I didn’t want him to sleep all night in that wheelchair. I gently shook him awake, and helped him to the bed. Someone knocked on the door and kind of coughed. I turned and saw Taylor standing there, with some tears in her eyes. I kissed Liam’s forehead and headed towards Taylor. She literally dragged me into the bathroom.

“I’m worried that Louis might not make it. With the whole infection part, and then I’m nervous that fans will try to attack us and then they both get hurt again…” Taylor said, before she started balling.

“Taylor...I’m worried too,” I responded.

I embraced Taylor into a hug, and we just stood their. She wouldn’t stop crying, until someone knocked on the door. Taylor fixed her running makeup, and I opened the door. Louis was sitting in his wheelchair, looking concerned.

“Is Taylor in here?” He asked.

I looked at her and she just opened the door wider, so then Louis could see her. I kind of went into the hallway and pretended not to listen in. They literally were in their for ten minutes and I got really worried and impatient.

Finally the door opened, and they both looked okay. Taylor nodded at me, which meant that everything was fine and that I could go to bed. I really still wasn’t comfortable with my situation between Liam and me. I wanted to clear it up with him, but I’m nervous. I don’t know what he’s going to say or think when I bring it up. I’ll sleep on it and talk to him about it tomorrow.

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