Sun Folwers 'The Triangle'

Daisy got superpowers. She's a undercover superhero... and she got two boyfriends.


3. The man from the poster

The rain gave way to beautiful clouds . We were at the car park near the local shop in this part of London where the suburbs started.

„He’s here” Alici frowned.

I looked out of the tinted car windows. He left the black Mercedes. He closed the door and put the key into his pocket. The man from the poster. Young, pretty, strongly built, with fair blue eyes and blond hair. The sliding doors let him inside the store. I hesitated for a moment. What if ? All the old complexes returned but I decided to ignore them.

"I'm going" I muttered getting off the car.

I walked toward the store. Each step made my heart leap into my throat. What do I do? The sliding door gave way, and here I was in the open hall. I stepped behind the railing and went between the shelves. The man was holding a bottle of water and a packet of sweets in his hands. He had just moved in the direction of the cash register. I was too far away from him. I could run to reach him but it didn't make sense. I assessed the situation . I looked around. Everyone in the store seemed to be too busy. They shouldn't notice - I thought. Then I focused on the point where I wanted to land . A millionth of a second, and I moved about twenty meters appearing before the man. He ran into me losing his shopping. Confused he apologized. I casually dropped my bag.

"I guess it’s yours" he said, handing it to me.

"Thank you" I flushed.

"Ym” he rubbed his hair on the back of his head nervously.

"How clumsy of me" I smiled.

"No it’s my fault" he said spreading his hands .

"No, it's my fault …"

"Not ..".

We both burst with laughter.

"Ym . I'm Ben” he stretched his hand to me .

"Daisy” I shook his hand. 

"Ym .. I'm gonna go ... unless you want to …" I stopped.

"I would like to . I mean ... will you go out with me for a coffee . Wanna go for a coffee . There, on the corner” He pointed his elbow out in some direction.

"Yes, with pleasure”  I smiled.

He smiled back. He went to the cashier and paid for the purchases. This was to easy. So childishly simple . Ben turned around from time to time and  glanced at me. I smiled shyly and looked at my feet.

"It's not far from here. We just need to go past the car park. It's a cool restaurant."

We left the store and Ben keept talking to hide how much he was trembling inside.

"What are you doing ?” he ssked .

"I am not doing anything . I just have a money" I said honestly.

"Ah" Ben laughed "You’re lucky."

"What about you ?" I asked.

"I'm doing a sport professionaly. I'm getting better. Oh, it’s here."

We came to the restaurant with nice-looking wooden windows and the red curtains in white flowers . Ben opened the door. At this time the restaurant was empty and quiet. The girl behind the counter looked at us strangely.

"Let’s take this table”  I chose a place near the window. 

"Very cool" Ben hurried to move my chair. I thanked.

The girl came and threw the cards on the table. She looked at Ben as if he was part of the menu.

"It's incredible. I thought that this would be another boring day" Ben looked me in the eyes.

"Me too" I threw a quick glance in the direction of the car.

Alici had his eyes on us.

"How is it that we never met before?" Ben didn’t hide that he’s interested in me.

"We met in the right time"  I said, opening the card.

"Sorry , it might be indiscreet, but do you have a boyfriend ?” he asked.

"No. Do you have a girlfriend?” I turned over dinners and drinks.

"No. Actually ... I've never had one” Ben blushed to the ears.

"Life turns differently" I felt a tightness in my stomach.

The only man I ever loved left a long time ago and left nothing behind but a bitter memory of his intangible presence. I've never managed to tell him how I feel. I was not able to utter more than two words when he was around. He lived in America, in a house in the suburbs. He built it with a girl with green eyes.

"Are you redy to order?” the waitress stopped near us.

"Black coffee for me, please" Ben muttered closing the card.

"And for you, Miss?” the girl winced.

"Tea with lemon” I murmured.

"Anything ealse?" she had to ask standard questions 

"No, thank you" Ben smiled casually.

She left tapping the pen on the block.

"Do you live in this area ?” asked Ben.

"I bought the castle in the wetlands” I murmured.

"You?" Ben laughed strangely "Wow . I'm renting a room in my a cousin’s house, two streets away. Do you live with someone ?"

"No, there’s only me and the house service."

A mundane meeting , questions about the number of brothers or sisters, and whether I like animals . Why do fairy tales always omit descriptions of how people get to know each other. The moment when two strangers are sitting at coffee and tea in the restaurant on the corner of the street , in an area where you could live, and are talking about themselves. They talk about their family , work, school , college, hobbies and car. They say " yesterday I was at the game with my friends ", " Yesterday I watched the movie, on the fourth channel ." They say complimens. Actually, they want something different, but they ignore it, because it is not good, not in this moment. They would like to make love in a secluded place, in the hope that their bodys will tell them more about themselves than their words . But don’t say... "I want to touch you , but I'm afraid of intimacy , afraid to get involved , because ... " . And do not say, „ Since two years I go to psychoanalysis , and that moment when I ran away ... And when she ... it was the most horrible moment in my life."  


"Will we meet again?"

We stood beside Ben's car.

"Wait I'll give you my number . You must come to my next match" Ben pulled out his phone.

We changed numbers.

"What are you doing today afternoon?" he asked.


"I'm only picking up my sister from the studs. She’s training horse riding. Maybe you want to go with me.” asked Ben.

If I was a normal girl, I'd probably refused. I’d be scared that he’ll take me somewhere in the forests and hurt me . Although I felt that Ben wouldn't do anything like that. The thing he didn’t know was thet I could defend myself  with powers way beyond human possibilities . He has no chance with me. He was just an ordinary man.

"Ok”  I smiled.

"Cool" Ben opened his car.

We got in and he started the engine. He was about to leave the car park when his phone rang . I looked on the screen. A contact saved as J.

"Hey” Ben answered the phone.

"What are you doing?" I heard a low male voice.

"I'm going to pick up Liss" Ben muttered.

"Are you free in the evening? We're doing a party."

"I do not know now I'll let you know” Ben turned off the conversation "My fellow" he muttered.

"Also a sportsman” I  asked.

"Unfortunately yes" Ben frowned .

He satrted to dive with caution and went on the road leading to small villages located outside London. 

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