Sun Folwers 'The Triangle'

Daisy got superpowers. She's a undercover superhero... and she got two boyfriends.


2. In between floors

"Are we stopping here ?" asked Alici, my sixty years old butler.

He was the only one who knew my secret.

"I'll spend the night with the boys"  I said looking out of the limousine's wionow.

"One day … " he stopped.

„The’ll fight for me. There aren't that childish" I said, though I knew it wasn’t what he really meant to say.

One day you”ll sink in the eyes of one of them and there will be no more escape. I felt a tightness in my stomach. That won't happen. When I’ll fulfill the mission I’ll abandon both.

"See you in the morning” I muttered, and walked out of the limo.

The hotel was quiet inside. Near the reception I noticed only a few guests. I went through the marble lobby to the elevator. Suddenly someone stopped near me. He had appeared so quiet that I noticed him only when he blew a stream of air on my neck. I twitched.

"It's you J" I whispered.

He narrowed his brown eyes. The elevator opened and we stepped inside. He pressed the 80th floor.

„Wait for me" Ben ran into the elevator out of breath. He was wearing a navy blue sweater that harmonized with the fair blue of his pupils. He gave me a shy smile and blushed slightly. He was twenty-two years old, but sometimes he acted like a boy.

"So, who won the match?" I asked, leaning against the owner of the most chocolate eyelashes, that was standing behind me.

"Does it matter?” He asked in a low, slightly husky voice.

"I won" Ben’s smile said everything, his eyes lit up with a mischievous twinkle.

I felt J's lips on my neck and Ben’s hand wandering along my hand. Ben kissed me hot while J's hands found their way under my short dress. At the moment the elevator stopped. In the opened door I saw a man with a open mouth. He didn’t get , and the elevater moved up.    


"And you realy don’t know which one you prefer. It's impossible. Your subconscious mind already knows” Dan, my analyst put his cards straight.

I was lying on the his intricate, red couch and talking. I talked about everything except about my actual problem. 

"I don’t know. I need them both." 

I looked on the wall. It all had started one day when I was driving through central London. On a billboard I saw Ben and I wanted to get him. Not, get to know him. Just have him. 

"Do you know that finding a guy who thinks that a woman is a human being and not a „it” is as rare as a miracle?"

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