L. L. Lovelace's Cover Corner

I've gotten quite a few requests for Covers and so I've decided to open my own "Cover Corner" to that all you Lovelies have somewhere to submit your requests!! (:


1. Form for Custom Cover

     If you'd like one made for a specific Movella of yours, comment with the following information:

     If you'd like to be very specific then include: Colors, Fonts, Genders, and any other information you feel is necessary.


[Form for Custom Cover]

1. Name of Movella:                                       

2. Name of Author(s):                                     

3. Brief Description of Movella:                          


4. What Would You Like to See on the Front:               


5. What Category Does Your Movella Fall Under:            

6. Please Provide the Link:                               


     I plan to be as professional as possible with these covers and therefore will take no more than a week to create the cover once I have notified you. All covers will be of top grade (unless a silly/goofy one is specifically requested).

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