Poem book

I decided to make some poems.
It's my first try, so go easy on me with the advice :3


2. The cheater

The on you so loved? That had been lies

You can see it through his emerald eyes

The lies and pain he’s caused you for so long…

You still think that he is the one.


You made him see things crystal clear.

But there was always something that you feared.

There’s no time left now, he’s already broken the promise vow.  

You keep your head up in the crowd, although you really feel down.

No one really knows what’s going on, because you always act strong.


There you see him in your crowd.

He walks closer to you now that you’re found.

You don’t say anything to him.

You stare right through him.

He apologizes and re acts the vow.

But with your strength, you turn him down.

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