creepypasta boyfriend scenarios

Well...I'm only doing Ben and Jeff because those ones are the easiest to do....So...Yeah :3


2. When you become friends

Jeff: You and Jeff were...not exactly friends. You'd come home to a boy waving at you through your bedroom window. You'd just glare back and close your blinds. But, one day you finally decided to see what he wanted.
  ''What is it!?'' You ask as you open your window, glaring at him.
  ''Well...I've been waiting for a thank you! But I guess I won't get one.'' He said glaring back.
  ''Thank you for what!? Look I don't even know you man!''You said getting all up in his face.
  ''For taking you home that day! Don't you remember!'' He practically screamed at you. Memories came flooding in. You immediately punched him in the face.
  ''OH YEAH! I remember big time! Making a girl not be able to breath and then somehow get her home! Yep thanks a lot!!!'' You scream at him. 
  ''Well your welcome!'' He says. You look back at him and stare wide eyed. You never bothered to see what he really looked like, but it shocked you. He was wearing a white hoodie covered in blood with a smile carved into his face.
  ''What? Like what you see." He says with a smirk.  
  ''What the hell happened to your face!? And why is your hoodie covered in... b-blood!?'' You say shocked.
  ''Well I'm a murderer duh! Thought you would have already figured that out.'' He said giving you a cocky smirk. You smirked back.
  ''Ya know, your not that bad for a murder.'' You said.
  ''And your not bad for a mortal.'' He said, his smile getting wider.
  ''Mortal? Wait what!?'' You said confused.
  ''Oh nothing...I'm Jeff.'' He said holding out a hand to shake.
  ''(Y/N).'' You said smiling a bit taking his hand.
  ''I don't know if he's going to be a pain in the ass...or an actually cool person.'' You thought yourself smirking a bit.
  ''What up with the smirk?'' Jeff asked pointing at your face.
  ''Oh nothing!~'' You said.

Ben: You sat there starring at your computer screen. 
  ''Come on Ben! Turn my computer back on!'' You whined and tapped on the computer screen. You tried pressing the power button on the computer again but it wouldn't work. You mumbled cuss words under your breath and suddenly the computer flicked back on, but it didn't come up to the main menu. It came up to none other than, Ben Drowned. 
  ''Stop messing with me dude! It's getting old!'' You screamed at him. Every single night Ben would power on your computer and mess with you on cleverbot, it was getting really old and you were sick of it.
  ''Nah, it's fun messing with you... seeing your eyes widen...watching you shake in!'' He said, but the sound came from the surround sound and I kept getting louder and louder. Your ears began to ring as Ben's laughing got louder and louder. The surround sound began to screech in your ears. You held your ears until the screeching stopped. You moved your hands off your ears and you relaxed a little bit.
  ''Boo.'' Ben whispered in your ear. You jumped a bit and turned around to see him laughing. Your eyes widened. You had never really seen him in person before. He was actually kind of cute. Well... except for maybe the blood dripping from the eyes. He smirked when he saw you looking at him. He lifted your chin up and looked into your eyes.
  ''Scared much?~'' He said and then began to laugh like a maniac. He looked back down at you a smiled a bit, he actually didn't seem crazy that time.
  ''See ya around!'' He said then disappeared into thin air.

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