creepypasta boyfriend scenarios

Well...I'm only doing Ben and Jeff because those ones are the easiest to do....So...Yeah :3


3. When he gets nervous around you

Jeff: "Hey Jeff! Was up?" You said as you walked up to him.  
  "N-not much..." He said shyly.
  "You ok bro? You acting weird." You said seeming concerned.
  "I'm f-fine." He stuttered. You rolled your eyes smirking a bit.
  "Well I gotta go later dude!" You said waving bye to him.
Ben: "BEN! STOP WITH THE TRICKS ALREADY!!!" You screamed  a him. He laughed a bit as he jumped out of your TV. You glared at him and sat down on your bed.
  "S-so wanna play video games?" He asked shyly handing you a 3DS. 
  "Um...sure?" You said taking the 3DS. You looked back up at Ben and saw he was starring at you.
  "What? Do I have something on my face???" You asked looking at him confused.
  "Um....nothing." He said sitting down beside you.

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