creepypasta boyfriend scenarios

Well...I'm only doing Ben and Jeff because those ones are the easiest to do....So...Yeah :3


4. When he asks you out

Jeff: "So...are you sure this is okay? We aren't going to get caught right???" You said looking up at Jeff.
  "Relax, I do this all the time." Jeff said smirking.
  "Okay...whatever you say." You said gripping the knife Jeff had given you even tighter. Jeff thought it would be fun to take you out killing, but you weren't so sure. You gulped a bit as you and Jeff approached the house.
  "Let's go!" Jeff said grabbing your hand and practically dragging you up to the house. Luckily it was night, and no one could see you two. Jeff walked up to the door and opened it as if he lived there. It was kind of odd, didn't Jeff always go through the window? You ignored what you thought and walked inside. You looked around, and the place was a mess. Chairs were tipped over, blood was splattered everywhere, and there were stab marks everywhere. Your eyes widened a bit looking at the scene. You looked at one of the walls and saw writing, buy in blood. It read "Will you go out with me (Y/N)~". Your face flushed a bright color of red. You turned around to see Jeff blushing a bit. 
  "Yes!" You say hugging him tightly.

Ben: "NO BEN STOP!!!" You screamed at him as he pounces out you. You were still trying to play your game as he tugged on your hair. You growled a bit and knocked him off. You leaned back in your chair concentrating on your game. Ben glared a bit at you and then jumped into your TV. You rolled your eyes a bit and continued to play. Then the game began to fidget a bit. 
"Gosh dang it Ben..." You mumbled as you continued to play. Then your whole game shut down. You growled in frustration and threw the game controller down. The TV clicked back on and you looked up at it. There was a text box with the words "Will you go out with me (Y/N)???" You blushed a bit and then laughed, seeing that the only option was yes. You picked your controller back up and selected yes. Next thing you know Ben came pouncing out of the TV and hugged you tightly.

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