creepypasta boyfriend scenarios

Well...I'm only doing Ben and Jeff because those ones are the easiest to do....So...Yeah :3


1. How you meet

  Jeff: You were walking home from a huge party. All your friend had left you there alone thinking it was funny, but it wasn't funny for you. It was in the middle of winter and they had driven you to the party so you had to walk home, with only a hoodie to keep you warm. You would call your parents, but they didn't know you were at the party. You shivered a bit as you continued to walk on the sidewalk covered in snow when you heard footsteps. At first you thought it was nothing, maybe a dog was walking in the snow and smelt the pizza you had eaten before you left. But then the footsteps got louder, a lot louder than a dog could make. You turned around startled but nothing was there. 
  ''Hello?" You said looking around a bit. You shrugged your shoulders and turned back around to walk home. But the footsteps got louder and louder. Your heart began to thump a bit and you started to walk a bit faster, the footsteps got faster too. You began to panic a bit. You turned around again. 
  "I know your there!'' You said glaring a bit. Then a hand covered your mouth and nose. You couldn't breath anymore. You tried to fight back but it was no use. You bit down on the hand over your mouth, you swore you could taste blood but you didn't break skin. You couldn't stand up anymore, you feel onto your knees and everything went black.

  You woke up in your bed, wearing the same clothes you wore to the party. You sat straight up, your breathing a bit heavier than usual. 
  ''H-how did I get here... I was just.'' You mumbled to yourself. You licked your chap lips and tasted the one thing you didn't expect...blood.
  ''So it....wasn't... a dream.'' You said, your eyes widening a bit. You turned over to your window, it was pitch black outside. But you swore you could see two cold, dark red eyes staring back at you.

  Ben:  ''TROLLIN!'' You shout as you grab your computer. You laughed a bit as you opened up your computer and turned it on. 
  ''Honey, time for bed!'' Your mother shouts from the living room.
  ''Ok night mom!'' You shout back from your room. You cover your computer up with a blanket and go over to turn off the light. Once you turned it off, you hopped up onto your bed and got under the covers with the computer. You insert your username and password and start it up. 
  ''Hey the video just came out! I'll watch it later.'' You said clicking on the download button. You waited a couple minutes, but then your computer crashed.
  ''The hell!?'' You whisper shouted. Suddenly the screen flicked back on to the start up menu. 
  ''Must have been a glitch.'' You mumbled to yourself. You immediately went onto Google and typed in cleverbot. You talked to the bot for a while and everything seemed normal. The bot trying to convince you that it was a human... changed the subject a lot. Yep, normal as ever. But then, things got weird. It started to glitch up and say things like ''BEN'' or ''Majoras Mask.'' You knew the curse of Ben  but thought it was just some type of joke. You've heard rumours about Ben showing up on cleverbot, and if this was really were going to talk advantage of this.  
  ''I ain't scared of some little boy in an elf costume you know.'' You typed and then sent. Soon, you blankets were flung off.
  ''It's not a costume.~'' Someone whispered in your ear. You flung around to see nothing. You turned back to the screen to see the words ''It's not a costume.~'' written on the screen. 
  ''How did you do that!? Who are you!?'' You type in and send, your hands shaking a bit.
  ''I'm your worst night mare.~'' Someone whispered in your ear again. You didn't bother turning around, knowing nothing would be there. You look at the screen and saw the words ''I'm your worst night mare.~'' written on the screen. You gulped a bit, this was no rumor it really was him.
  ''I know your scared, come on answer me (Y/N).'' Someone whispered behind you. You turned around quickly to see red eyes staring back at you. The figure began to laugh insanely before disappearing back into thin air. You stared wide eyed at where the figure was.
  ''Wh-....who are you.'' You whispered. Soon the computer glitched again and it shut off. Then the TV flicked on to show the one and only... Ben Drowned.
  ''Like I said before, your worst nightmare.'' He said smirking. He then laughed like a maniac before the TV flicked back off. You sat up in your bed still trying to figure out what was going on. The lights being to flicker on and off.
  '' hell.'' You whispered to yourself. Then... the lights flicked back on and stayed on. You look over at your desk and saw a note.
  ''Well that was fun... wasn't it.~ Ben'' You read to yourself. You looked over at your TV and you swore you could see two red, cold eyes starring back at you through the screen. 

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