Broken Promises. (A Larry/Elounor story)

One time. They had sex one time. Now all promises have been broken. Eleanor takes her and Louis baby away. But when Jade-Lauren Calder is 16; what happens when she wants to meet her long lost father? Will Harry and Louis welcome her with open arms when something tragic happens to Eleanor?


6. Papers.

Jade constantly looked over her shoulder as she walked away from her school. She expected Albert to race towards her in his car and take her back to school; but he didn't. Jade made it all the way back home. Alberts car wasn't there and neither was her mums. They were both at work.

She took out her phone and pulled of the phone case and grabbed the front door key that she stashed there before attaching the case back to the phone and returning it to her pocket. Jade unlocked the front door and immediately went upstairs to her mums room. She had to find something there that would give her an insight to her real life.

After what seemed like hours of searching for evidence that would tell Jade that Albert wasn't her real father, she came across an old, dusty shoe box lying underneath the bed.

She blew the dust of; just because that's what they do in the movies, then opened it.

The box was full of papers. Lying on top of them all was a photograph. It was of her mum with a man. The man had his arm around her mothers shoulders. She couldn't make out who this guy was because his face was scribbled through with a black marker pen. She continued looking through the box. It was all gibberish to her until something caught her eyes. Newspaper articles.

"Two members of the worlds biggest boy band come out as gay!"

"One Direction- Two members in love?"

"One Direction stars Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles due to get married!"

"Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson seal their marriage by adopting baby boy!"

"Louis and Harry name adopted boy Riley Stylinson"

Jade frowned down at the articles in her hand. Why did her mother have these stashed under her bed? Jade was a fan of One Direction, and she knew Louis and Harry were a married, gay couple but how did she never know that they adopted? She pulled out one of the articles and began reading.

"After a long and tough decision, One Direction stars Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles adopt a baby boy and name him Riley Stylinson. Both boys say that they are thrilled to become parents and they are going to so everything they can to give Riley the best life they can." The article was dated 9th December 2017; 3 months after Jade was born. Jade came to the conclusion that she probably didn't know the adoption because the media had stopped writing about it.

After flicking through some more gibberish she found more pictures; these ones ink free. They were pictures of her mum in a stadium. Louis Tomlinson was either hugging or kissing her on every single one. It didn't come as a surprise to Jade because she knew her mum used to date Louis, but she never, ever spoke about him. The only detail she have was 'it was just a fling, nothing serious' and that was the end of it.

Just before Jade was about to get bored of the box of papers and expand her search she stumbled across something right at the bottom of the box. Her name was inked in Italic at the top 'Jade-Lauren Calder' and under neath; 'birth certificate'

Jade knew she had one, but she had never seen it before. It didn't really bother her, it was only a piece of paper stating her details.

"That's it..." Realisation hit Jade as she scanned the paper. It should say something about her biological father on her birth certificate!

She scanned the paper as fast as she could...

"Born: 9th October 2017

Birth mother: Eleanor Jane Calder.

Place of birth: Royal Manchester Hospital

Biological father: Louis William Tomlinson

Star sign: ...."

Wait, what?!

"Biological father: Louis William Tomlinson."

She read the sentence over and over in her head as tears welled in her eyes. She obviously couldn't be reading it right. She must be just imagining it.. She must've been dreaming.. She must have been...

"What the hell are you doing?" Jade spun around to find her mother stood in the door way, tears streaming down her face.

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