Soviet Sutton

The flu plague has broken out and almost al the population is gone, leaving 20,000 people left. This is a short story, hope you enjoy!


1. Soviet Sutton - The life of a Slave

Soviet Sutton- The life of a Slave


    “Ciciley! Ciciley!(Si-Sil-y)”  

    “Leave me alone you heartless slave!” 

    “No, I need to fix what has been broken, don’t reject it.”

    “What has been done, has been done. I can’t take it anymore Anais (An-I-ise). This country is falling apart as we know it”

    I awake, breathing heavily, sweat dripping down my neck. “What has been done, has been done” It echoes in my brain. That was the day America fell apart, I lost my best friend. Not due to the disease, but to the pressure of it all. I am left with no family, no friends, and no dignity. I am forced to live the life of a criminal in a authority encouraged society. There are others like me, having no life. Too bad they are in gangs, killing innocent people, and making a living off of selling ‘cures’ to mental people that don’t know what they are doing. There is one more group to look for, the outlaws. They bring trouble in all forms. BOOM BOOM! 

    Looks like it is time to go to the Cardinal. This is the place where they count the amount of people and take taxes. I attend to the counting where they do crowd control and re-insert a chip into your arm. The chips are for making sure you don’t go outside the territory and for keeping track of where you go the most. Don’t ask me why the Queen does that, perhaps for knowing where the goods come from? I ditch the taxation because otherwise they would through me in jail, but then again it is pretty risky. Here, let me explain a little. It all started about 5 years ago when the flu broke out, killing millions. We had medication but we quickly ran out of it as it was very dire in the situation. Eventually almost all of the population in the U.S. died, leaving about 20,000 people left. Anyway, back to reality.

    “Hey! Watch out slave.” spoke a random stranger bringing me back to the old America.

    The ‘kid’ looked my age, with brown hair and bright green eyes. I couldn’t identify what gender, I mean who cares? I don’t really understand why some people are so grouchy and not thankful that they have survived. They may have lost family members and friends, ’like you’ my conscience announced, but I learned to forgive and forget. Over the years I have realized to never trust that thing, your conscience, it is just the devil trying to pull you away from reality and get into your head. 

    Speaking of religion, over the past five years there has been 13 killings. Mostly Muslim caused, but hey we can’t ALL have our way. Sometimes whenever you pass by those ‘outlaws’ as we call them, you feel like you are being judged, as nobody cares who you are. If you have different features or different ‘ways’ they may just kill you. Some get away, others not so much.

    “Help! Help! They’re gonna kill me!” screamed a boy. Hey! Thats the kid from earlier!

    “Shut up kid, scream one more time and we kill.” said an ‘outlaw’.

    I gasped at this, BIG mistake. 

    “Oh, look what we have here. A cute little girl who tried to hide, how sweet.” They say as they grab me by the arm making me scream in pain. 

    “I’m not LITTLE!” I speak. They take one of there knives and hold it to my forearm and start to slice it. I want to scream, I really do. But with my criminal recored, It may not help my case. 

    “STOP! Don’t hurt her! Hurt me… I’m the one you wanted to kill, so do it.” the boy spoke. This distracted the outlaws for about 3 seconds giving me enough time to grab the knife and kill one of the men. Then we broke out into an all out war. The man who was holding the boy went to the guy I stabbed, giving the boy enough time to knock out the other guy. There was one outlaw left, he got me and he was holding me by the arm again, knife in hand. I stabbed him in the eye, but that gave him the chance to make a long gash up my whole arm. The boy and I ran, ran as fast as our legs could take us, which eventually lead us to the forest. 

    We were silent for awhile. He decided to clean my wound and bandage it so we were just lying on the grass. 

    “Thanks back there.” the boy uttered. 

    “Well, I wouldn’t have helped if it weren’t the outlaws heard me. I thought they were going to cut off my arm, but I got out lucky. Anyway, whats your name? Mines Anais.”

    “The name is James. Got it from my father, who died in the plague.”

    “Sorry to hear that. I lost my family too. But one in particular was my best friend.”

    “What happened?”

    I was silenced. I couldn’t speak. I know I should ‘forgive and forget’  but how can you? You best friend could have stuck it out and lived with you. But no, she had to leave. ‘What has been done, has been done’ It was chanting again, like a song that no one wants to hear. 

    “Ummm, Anais…”

    “Oh, right sorry. It is just, well difficult. It al started when the plaque was almost done, billions killed but me and best best friend managed to survive to the end. We were perfectly healthy, eating delicious fruits and various breads everyday. One day I couldn’t even find her. The day before we got into a hustle about where we would live, and what we would do with our lives. So I wanted to find her. I got to her temporary house and was shouting her name. She called me a slave, I told her we need to fix the friendship, and she told me that she couldn’t take it anymore. It was almost as if she was in a trance, caught up in all the current events and not being grateful we survived. She killed herself, right in front of me. But hey, you forgive and forget.”

    “Sounds like a really bad experience. I’m so sorry.”

    “No it’s fine. I don’t want peoples pity or there ‘blessings’. I just don’t even care anymore.” 

    “Well, I think you would like to meet some of my friends. We live just up a mountain over here, you will fit in well.”

    “Thank you, I appreciate it. Although you should know I am very shy, why do you think I got so upset with Cicily?”

    He laughed and responded with 

    “Ok, anyway lets go this way.”

    We started our journey which was only about 20 minutes, minus him changing my bandage. We also stopped for food, apparently he has a rich friend by the name of Fredrick who grew up in a rich family, so everyone in his family survived. Fredrick also specializes in the art of polo, owning the finest of horses which he gave one to James, so they must be good friends.

    We finished the journey and approached a nice two story tree house. James said that only 1 of his group of 3 should be here. He said that there was one other girl and two boys and that the girl, who’s name is Domino, will be quite pleased I am here. We climbed up the ladder and he showed me around. It was quite roomy inside. On the bottom floor was 2 beds, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The plumbing must be a hassle because they must have gotten left over pipes detached from there original origin. On the top floor there was also 2 beds, a closet, and a powder room. 

    “I guess for tonight you can sleep on the couch, and tomorrow bright and early I will get supplies to make you a bed.” James announced. 

    “You have no idea how grateful I am for all of this! I had nothing, and now I feel like a queen in a palace!” *Rustle Rustle*

    “Well it looks like Domino is here!” James said. 

    “Hey Jam- Who’s she?”

    “Well this girl is named Anais and she saved me from the outlaws. She had no friends and no family, barely any food so, I decided we would take her in.”

    “Yay! You have no idea how excited I am! I finally have someone to talk to! James, she’s not moving…Did I scare her? Not again!”

    “Hahah, no you didn’t scare me. I am just a little shy when it comes to new friends.”

    “Anyway, why don’t you come with me. I will get you some new clothes then we will go to bed.”

    With that being said, we went upstairs got changed and slept. I didn’t have the usual nightmare. It was actually a happy dream, one where I was lying in a path of flowers with Cicily. She was telling me to move on and something about a great arrest? I don’t remember, but at least I remember the joy I had in the dream. We were laughing at one point, on how the plague killed billions but we just happened to survive, well me actually. 

    “Anais, Anais, wake up. Today I am going to teach you how to hunt.”

    And with that I sprung up from the couch and ran upstairs to change. In the means of all of that Domino told me the boys went to go get some supplies and food. 

    “Ok ready? Good. Lets go. I will start you off with throwing knives, but I already know from what James told me you have great aim.” She spoke excitedly. 

    “Yea I guess. I don’t really have a background in weaponry. But I have gotten good practice with knives because of me being a criminal.” 

    We talked for a bit on my background a little of hers. She was an infant when her parents left her and she made a living on her own. She too had to be a criminal until she found Demetrius, one of the other boys. He took her under his wing and kept her safe and healthy. After practicing for a couple hours I was getting the hang of it. We were just about to move on to the bow and arrow when, 

    “Anais! Domino! You will never believe what happened! Fredrick and Phillip have been killed!” yelled James.

    Phillip must be the last boy I’m guessing. Domino told me a little about him. He was the supreme brain, could solve anything you can through at him.

    “How?” asked Domino

    “Well, Phillip, Demetrius, and I were with Fredrick getting some fancy cheese for tonight when all of the sudden we are ambushed with outlaws speaking about some great arrest…”

    “My dream.” I spoke.


    “I had a dream where Cicily told me about a great arrest, but I don’t remember the rest.”

    “Weird…” Domino said. 

    “Well, I think the outlaws are after us, trying to get something. I just don’t know what.”

    So we packed our belongings and we were off to the valleys. 

    Its been about three days and we are running quite low on food and water. 

    Gunshots, Gunshots everywhere. We were surrounded but no one had been shot quite yet. The people didn’t have any badges so we knew they were an even bigger threat.

    “Freeze! If you scream, we shoot!” The people said. Hey, that sounds familiar, THE OUTLAWS! They hunted me and James down…The next thing I knew there was police sirens everywhere, they turned us in. Wait…I looked to my left and my right and nobody is there. Did they abandon me? It doesn’t even matter, remember forgive and forget. They drug me to a questioning facility. Let the trouble begin.

    “Listen here Darling, you’re in a lot of trouble. We have charges of murder, charges of theft, and charges of harassing others. Care to explain?” I decided it would be best to stay silent because I could hear a kid screaming. 

    The kid screamed “Anais, Anais! It’s James, don’t tell them anything. THEIR FAKE POLICE!!!!” James! He didn’t run? It seems that they took the others for questioning also. I better listen and not speak. 

    After what seemed about a year of silence from me the man grabbed my arm and yelled 

    “Who are you working for!?”

    “What are you talking about?” I nearly whispered. 

    The man showed me a picture of a girl, Domino? What does she have to do with any of this?

    “Do you know this girl?” the man asked ever so kindly 

    “Yes, she was my friend.”

    “Do you know who she worked for?” I remained silent, I gave him some information. I need to know who he is if I continue. 


    “I’m not talking until you tell me who you are working for.”

    “Fine. I work for the Soviet Service, the Secret Service for the Queen.”

    “Alright, well no I barely know anything about her. Just that she was abandoned when she was an infant, but otherwise I know nothing.” 

    “Well, she worked for the outlaws. Figuring out your secrets and where you would be at precise timings. She did this for getting money.” 

    “I knew there was more to her then I thought.” 

    “Well, now that she is in captivity we need you to become a secret officer and watch over her, make her have a feel someone is there for her after all of this, and find out why she did it and her secrets.”

    This I knew would be a new beginning, new life, in the New America. Or should I say Soviet Sutton, all hail the Queen. 


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