Finding Mr. Right

In my 16 years of life, there were about three things I was absolutely positive.
First, the best memories are always the ones that are not planned.
Second, You can not possibly love if your afraid to fall.
And Third, Ive met Mr. cheater, Mr. Bulllshiter Mr. Douchebag, Mr. Lier, Mr. Player, Mr. waste of my time, Mr. Creepy, Mr. Rude, Mr. bad hygiene, and my personal favorite, Mr. I'm not ready for a relationship yet. But I have yet to meet Mr. Right…


3. Last day: Another milestone

I slammed on my alarm clock just as it blared out  the Back Street Boys "I want it that way." Last day I breathed relieved that Summer was finally here. My smile grew larger as I thought of the hours that would be spent at the beach, surfing, the bonfires, the parties and the endless fun. Maybe Zoey was right, maybe it would be the best Summer yet. I would at least try my hardest to make it unforgettable at the very least. I jumped out of bed and allowed my mind to wander free. I dug through my closet until I found my favorite sea foam green dress. It was by far my favorite article of summer clothing besides bathing suits because I'm so short and its very difficult to find a dress that doesn't make me look like I don't have legs.  

I threw the soft material over my head and let it gracefully fall just above my knees. I slipped into my cozy gold sandals and then danced over to my cream colored vanity. I lightly applied makeup, added a few curls to my already beach wavy hair, and hurried downstairs for breakfast. I sniffed my way to the kitchen where I found my mother over the stove. 

"Morning Mom," I kissed her on the cheek. Junior year was completely different from my previous two years at Malibu High. Since Zoey got her license at the end of sophomore year, I no longer had  to wake up at the ass crack of dawn and take the crumby bus. Before Zoey had moved to Cali she lived in North Carolina and her parents made her retake first grade, making her a year older then everyone in our grade. I on the other hand, moved here from New Jersey the Summer going into 6th grade, and the move wasn't so bad because everyone was starting middle school at the time so I never experience the whole "Awkward new kid thing." I had a lot of friends but pretty soon we all drifted apart and I separated everyone into five categories. 1) My best friends  which included  most of all Zoey, occasionally Erica from Swim Team and Lucas, Zoeys boyfriend. I don't really understand why people would want to have more than three close friends at the most. When you cross the "three friends line" things just get too complicated and you never know who you can really trust. Category number two was acquaintances and they mainly just helped me get through the school day. Like yeah were friends in school and I'll talk to you and all but theres no way in hell your coming to my home and eating my food and shit. Category three would be the Jocks, and I only really talk to them when I have practice or when I feel like highfiveing someone in the hallway.  Category four, yeah Ive seen you around but your weird and we don't talk but I'd still smile and wave at you if I saw you at Burger King or something. And lastly, Category 5, WTF?  You go to this school!? Its crazy how you can be so close to someone for four years and never even talk to them. It really is. Like when I think about Category five people I just feel like I should talk to them cause I might be missing out on totally awesome conversations. Its crazy though, how things work out.  Anyway, sorry for rambling on. It was a pleasure to start my day off with my Mom because she was so easy to talk to. Now I don't mean she's one of those parents who probably don't even know where there kid goes on the weekends or the type of parent that smokes weed and takes shots with there kids . No she's a big part of my life she's just not to far up my butt.

"So no more Chad," she asked as I poured myself a cup of coffee. I had briefly told her what had happened over dinner last night so I guess she was trying to see if I had changed my mind.

"Nope," I said firmly. " No more Chad." 

"Well good I think you can do much better anyway," she smirked and passed me a steaming plate of French toast.

"Whats the special occasion," I asked as my mouth watered over the smell of the delicious plate in front of me. My mom only made French toast from scratch  when something big would be happening.

"Just that its my baby girls last day of junior year," she smiled.

"Please don't cry on me mom," I said as I stood up and gave her a tight hug. Just then the doorbell rang indicating that Zoey had arrived. 

"Come in," I yelled which was useless cause Zoey always invited herself into our home regardless if someone answered the door or not. 

"morning Family," she exclaimed. She looked very pretty in a coral colored top and denim jean shorts. Her tan skin always looked good in those pastelly colors even though orange was her least favorite color, it complimented her nicely. 

"Morning," my mother and I replied.

"Ooh whats for breakfast," Zoey easily slid into the seat next to me while my mother slid her a dish. We both wolfed down the French toast, thanked my mother and ran out the door. For some reason no matter how early we left we always were just making it on time to school.  Zoey parked in our usual spot and we scrolled towards the school. We may only be juniors but I'm pretty sure we've had senioritis since freshman year. Maybe even eighth grade. We quickly met up with Lucas, Zoeys boyfriend of one year. Before Lucas I was the one with the year long relationship,  while Zoey was the third wheel. Boy how the tables have turned. I am happy for her I really am and I know she isn't the type to rub relationships in peoples faces but I am quite jealous at times. Not that she's dating Lucas, he's not my type. Im jealous of the whole relationship thing considering I haven't seriously dated since my freshman year. 

"Hey Addie," Lucas gave me a quick hug.

"Whats up Luke," I replied. I hated being a third wheel so Im pretty sure you could tell what happened next. Before they could even begin conversing, hugging or kissing, I got the hell out of there. 

"Bye guys see you in P.E" I exclaimed and hustled to my locker. I had just opened it when I realized I didn't need anything since it was the last day and I had cleaned my locker out yesterday. Force of habit, I thought as I shut the door. I rolled my eyes as I walked past Chad's locker. The beaver and him were sucking face's just as I walked by but I forced myself to look straight. No  way was I going to get jealous over him. I dumped him therefore I still had my dignity besides anyone knows I would kill Ashley in a fight I grinned smugly at the thought. The day dragged by slowly but with each ring of a bell the excitement grew. The last day is basically a joke. You still have to go to class but you just talk and sign peoples yearbooks the whole day. I finally reached my last class of the day, chemistry. I hated chemistry. I never learned anything because I was stuck with all the rowdy kids because of my terrible math scores. I mean the entertainment was great, listening to kids curse the teacher off and him not having a  clue, priceless. But I didn't learn anything despite me having the highest average in the class.  

"So your part of the hoops club?" Jason said pulling me out of my thoughts. I laughed and shook my head at our inside joke. My drawstring backpack that I had borrowed from my brother said "Hoops Club 1977" on it and for some reason Jason always felt the need to make fun of me for it. Jason and I were those two kids in the class that everyone thought were really cute together and that we should date and it probably would happen by senior year, but for some reason didn't. That reason being he had a girlfriend that went to South Malibu High. See I didn't deny that guys didn't like me or noticed me. No they noticed me, just not the right guys. I either attracted the assholes or the taken ones. The final bell finally rang and  my classroom became a paper storm. Papers from students desks flew everywhere as we got up and fled the classroom. I quickly met Zoey at her classroom and we ran, hand in hand, out to the parking lot. Zoey abruptly drove me home and we made plans to meet at the beach tonight for the first bon fire of the Summer. It was only 3 o'clock when I got to my room and I knew exactly what that meant. Low tide.    

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