Finding Mr. Right

In my 16 years of life, there were about three things I was absolutely positive.
First, the best memories are always the ones that are not planned.
Second, You can not possibly love if your afraid to fall.
And Third, Ive met Mr. cheater, Mr. Bulllshiter Mr. Douchebag, Mr. Lier, Mr. Player, Mr. waste of my time, Mr. Creepy, Mr. Rude, Mr. bad hygiene, and my personal favorite, Mr. I'm not ready for a relationship yet. But I have yet to meet Mr. Right…


5. I must be dreaming

I squinted in the light of sun and blinked rapidly. I could hear a voice but I couldn't make out who it was. The voice was most definitely not a familiar one. Slowly I could feel my body coming back under my control. I wiggled my fingers and toes and in the distance heard the crashing of waves. Just as my eyes adjusted I made out the silhouette of someone watching over me. 

"Oh thank God your awake," an attractive voice called out. "I was so worried, there was so much blood. At the sound of the word blood, I lurched forward quickly which gave me a huge headache.

"Woah be careful," this stranger, Im assuming my rescuer tried to lay me back down on the warm sand. I finally found my words and although I had a zillion questions the only thing that came out was,

"What time is it?" 

"5:30," he replied.

"Oh my god I have to go," my voice cracked  as I jumped to my feet.

"Wait lemme drive you home," he said as he stood up from his crouched position, easily 6ft tall. I don't know if I was dreaming or something but this boy was easily one of the most good looking I had ever seen. My head pounded as I tried to contemplate on what I should do. Carry my heavy board home and get yelled at for being late, or take a ride home from this beautiful stranger.

"Oh I'm sorry for being rude," he chuckled interrupting my mind babble. Ugh. He had such a warm laugh, the kind that makes you go weak kneed. Or maybe cause I lost a lot of blood.

"My names Andrew," he said as I dreamily stuck out my hand to shake his. 

"Addison," I realized I was staring at his chiseled chest and quickly turned my gaze towards the ground.

"So can I drive you home," Andrew asked as he pushed back his dark and wet, curly hair. 

"Yes!" I said way to enthusiastically. Great he probably thinks I'm a freak. I quickly grabbed my board off the sand where it laid. Except, it wasn't so smooth and as Andrew bent down, I'm assuming to help me I accidentally smacked him in the face with the fin of my board.

"Ouch," Andrew stepped back and touched his lip which was now a little bloody. 

"Oh my god," I stood in shock. "I'm SO sorry," I stood there mortified. 

"Its fine," he laughed. "Why don't I take your board for you," he said taking the board off my hands before I got to protest or injure him again. "Come on my cars this way." As we walked to his car I let my mind wander. This couldn't be happening. He's hot and isn't a tool because if he was he would have  left as soon as I hit him with the board. I couldn't wait to tell Chloe. Andrew placed my board in this nice red convertible and then came around to open the door for me.

"I like your car," I mumbled.

"Thanks," he smiled and opened the door for me and then climbed into the drivers seat. 

"So where to Addison," He questioned as he put the key in ignition. I fought the urge to say "anywhere your going" and told him my address. As we drove we made small talk. I found out that Andrew had just moved here from Florida because his Dad's work got moved. 

​"So what high school are you going to go to next fall," I prayed he would go to mine.

"North Malibu," he said as he pulled onto my street. 

"oh thats where I go," I tried to sound as collected as possible but secretly my mind was screaming. 

"really?" he glanced at me. "Thats great at least I will see one familiar face this fall." "Which house did you say was yours?" I pointed to our cozy looking home and he pulled into our driveway. 

"Oh wow I live the next street over," he said as he stared down the street. My smile grew. Not only was he hot, nice, and going to my school next year, he lived a block away!

"So did you see me wipe out," I said my face getting red from embarrassment but I was desperate to keep the conversation going.  

"Yeah I saw," he laughed. "I hope you don't mind I was actually watching you for a while, thats how I knew you were in trouble. "Your really good." 

"Awh thanks," I smiled. "I could show you sometime." 

​"I'd like that a lot," he grinned. I started getting lost in his eyes. They were a sweet brown, warm and friendly. 

"So when do these lessons start." 

"Oh whenever," I said quickly. "Here I'll give you my number and you can text me when your free." 

"Okay sounds good," he said as we exchanged numbers. 

"Well I gotta go," I said unfortunately.

"Lemme help ya," he said as he climbed out and grabbed my board. He walked with me over to the garage and leaned it up against the wall. 

"Thanks so much for everything Andrew," I said as I looked up at him. 

"Oh it was nothing," he grinned down at me. "I'll text you soon."

"Okay bye," I waved as I ran full speed into the house. No one was home yet so I quickly sprinted upstairs to my room changed out of my bathing suit and jumped onto my bed. I just had to tell Chloe.   


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