Finding Mr. Right

In my 16 years of life, there were about three things I was absolutely positive.
First, the best memories are always the ones that are not planned.
Second, You can not possibly love if your afraid to fall.
And Third, Ive met Mr. cheater, Mr. Bulllshiter Mr. Douchebag, Mr. Lier, Mr. Player, Mr. waste of my time, Mr. Creepy, Mr. Rude, Mr. bad hygiene, and my personal favorite, Mr. I'm not ready for a relationship yet. But I have yet to meet Mr. Right…


1. Chad

"I hate you!" I yelled infuriated

"Oh come on Addie it wasn't like that," he pleaded. I love when guys plead, makes you feel more powerful. I also enjoy being dramatic at times. I slammed the door shut and fought the urge to spit right in his face, for that didn't seem so lady like. I decided to find a happy medium for my grandmothers sake. She tried to raise a lady but my mother had won that battle. She raised a lady who doest take crap from anyone. I stormed up to my bedroom and grabbed the red roses in their vase that Chad had dropped off last time we fought. Psh. I snorted. Typical Jerk that brings red roses. I don't even like roses!  I'm the type of girl who would be much happier with Wild Flowers, Lialcs or orchids. I don't like cliche things like roses, too main stream. Anyway, I should have broken it off the first time I caught him with another girl, I guess I just thought this time would be different. That he would be different. I threw the red roses out the window, their disgusting stench making my nose itch. The sound of the glass vase hitting the pavement was easily drowned out by my brother's obnoxiously loud stereo system for his car. 

"Later Chad," my brother, Connor slapped his back as he hopped carefully to avoid the broken shards of glass. I laughed and slammed my window shut giving the stunned Chad a smiling wave. I heard the front door open and close. 

"Im guessing your single," Connor shouted from downstairs."

"Cheater," I retorted back as I strolled out of my room and to the railing just before the steps. 

"Ah," he said as he looked up at me. He must have been out at a skatepark because even from upstairs I could see that he was slick with sweat. Thats the thing I like best about my brother. He may be 20 and in his second year of college, but he has the mind of boys in my grade. it was like having a twin I swear. 

"Ya know I would go out there and beat the snot out of him, but it seems to me like you got everything under control," he laughed and shook his head.

"Whats the point of having an older brother to look out for me if your the biggest pacifist out there," I questioned with a smug grin.

"Well ya see," he tried sounding logical. "The benefit is actually for me and that hopefully you bring home some hot friends. I laughed out loud.

"Zoey will never get with you!" " She still freaked you were her first kiss," I laughed as I recalled my best friend realizing Connor was my brother. 

"What can I say?" "They want me," he said as he wiggled his eyebrows. 

"You pig," I yelled over my shoulder as I walked back into my room and closed the door. I sighed and took in my room around me. It was more like my sanctuary, the best place to be besides in the warm, salty ocean water. The walls were painted a light blue, kind of like the crystal waves that crashed on the shores of my beautiful Malibu. My mother, who is rather creative painted a beautiful mural of a palm tree and sunset when we first moved here. Don't get me wrong I loved New Jersey, and we visit often to see cousins and stuff but there is just something about California, the golden state, that makes me feel so alive. Now I  know what your thinking. You just broke up with your boyfriend, shouldn't you be upset. Well, to tell you the truth, I am upset. Upset that there doesn't seem to be any nice, sweet and good looking guys in the world. Upset that, on this dumb planet, the only people that will truly love you and stand by you is your family and, if your lucky like me, one good friend. So yes, I am upset. I curled up in a ball and laid on my bed. I sighed, closed my eyes and listened to the soft tapping of tiny feet on my hardwood floors. 

"Hi Chloe," I whispered, my voice muffled by the pillow my face was buried into, when I felt her small weight pounce onto my bed. I smiled, dogs are the only ones that love unconditionally. I scooped up my little pomsky in my arms. 

"Love sucks," I said to the already unconscious fluff ball in my arms. I blew my nose and tossed the kleenex in to the little trash can next to my dresser. 

"Ya know Chloe," I said as I scratched behind her ears. "Men are just like kleenex, soft, sometimes strong, disposable" I grabbed my phone and shot Zoey a quick text.


  To Zoey <3

My love like is like a piece of Swiss Cheese, 

​most of it is missing,

and whats there stinks. 

I'll give you the details later. 

Message sent. 

I knew she would respond instantaneously. Probably asking for Chad's address so she could egg his house or something. But to be honest, I didn't want to talk to anyone about my crappy boyfriend, i mean exboyfriend. I just wanted to be alone with the comforts of my dog. I shut my phone off and placed it on my end table. And then, I let the crashing of the waves lull me to sleep.  

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