Underlying Fear

The mind is truly wonderful thing, developing as the world evolves. For Alexandra Rosalina, her mind is her greatest enemy. Diagnosed as mentally insane when she was 6 years old, she fights to gain back control of her mind. With a new life awaiting, secrets to be revealed & her past slowly re occurring, never would her life be the same again.


3. Traits

Chapter 2⃣

Traits 💭

The night was long for Alexandra, exceedingly long, as her nightmares persisted to make their re-occurring appearances once again. Her dear friend, Mr. No Name, never left her alone through the entirety of yet another attack of his friend's night terrors. He awoke the next morning having had little sleep but his upbeat persona remained in contact because, in his screwed up mind, he felt it was necessary to make sure he was the one person to be there for his friend.

Yawning and stretching her muscles from her lack of sleep, Alexandra lay in her bed reminiscing the nightmares she had had the night before and after three loud threatening bashes on her door and a very impatient guard ordering Alexandra to get dressed as she had an appointment with Dr. Crane in precisely half an hour, she groaned in frustration and finally, obediently, got up and got dressed into her usual orange overalls that belonged to the hospital.

She sat on the wooden chair which matched the also wooden desk which paired together rather nicely in her room and looked at herself in the mirror placed in front of her in the middle of the desk. You could see the insomnia which Alexandra suffered from through the darks rings under her mysterious gaze. She studied herself closely, as if the girl in the mirror was the patient and Alexandra was the doctor out to cure the reflection and through a lot of scrutinizing concluded that the girl was definitely lost, lost in her fears, lost in her body and lost in her mind.

A beam of light cascaded through Alexandra’s room through a long, sleek, plastic window which was placed just below the beginning of the ceiling and stopped just after a few centimetres of wall, this frustrated Alexandra greatly at the distrust the doctors had with her and within a few seconds her anger was replaced with confusion. Why was she such a threat to the world? What made Alexandra so dangerous that she could never be in the company with her fellow ‘wing mates’ but instead had to spend her days alone? Her gaze wandered back to the lost girl in the mirror and simply said out loud:

“You have so many questions yet no one to answer them; you indeed are a lost little tiger.”

The noise of someone clicking their tongue came from the vent inside her wall and swiftly she sat up from her wooden chair and grabbed her hairbrush, tugging at the dark mass of curls on top of her head furiously.

“What is it clown?” she demanded, frustrated that he had disrupted her thoughts while she tried to solve the riddle which the mirror reflected.

“I’m hurt with your tone!” He winced sarcastically towards the hostility in which his friend portrayed; clearly she was annoyed at him.

“Oh stop your whining or I’ll make you regret ever befriending me!”

Mr. No Name laughed hysterically at his friend’s attempt of what she called a threat; clearly she had never been introduced to the Crime Underworld of Gotham City.

“Harsh, very harsh tiger. This. Is. Not, how you should be thanking someone who in which stayed up all night with you, making sure your san-ity stayed in check.” He accentuated some of his words making sure she understood the implications of what had happened to her last night.

Alexandra paused for a moment, realization of the true words of her friend sinking in and guilt overruling her. The thought of her friend helping her last night had totally slipped her mind and it truly made her regret the attitude in which she had just took upon him.

“I’m sorry clown, I shouldn’t have reacted that way after last night and for that I am very grateful of you. Let’s start again shall we? Now, why were you tutting at me just before I almost about bit your head off?”

Mr. No Name laughed again, quietly this time, at his friend’s all of a sudden change in mood. This specific trait of hers intrigued his, not-so-normal, mind in a way that he only wished for more. He wanted to know more about her, to know as to why she was assigned to this cursed place for the insane, especially the secure wing, he wanted to know what was so dangerous about her that she had landed herself in the room next to his? He forced himself to get out of his head and to step back into reality, knowing his friend was still waiting on his answer.

“Oh, only because you called yourself tiger, only I get to call you that.”

She smiled at the protectiveness tone in which he used to annunciate the word ‘I’ and for some odd reason, she liked that thought. Not knowing whether he noticed how possessive he seemed, she teased him otherwise.

“Protective aren’t we?”

His eyes narrowed with beaten rage at her attempt to use his skill against him. He was the one to make the jokes, never her, but being the unpredictable gentlemen he was he decided to catch her off guard.

“Maybe I am.” He stated as nonchalantly as he could, nervously waiting for her reaction through the other side of the wall.

Alexandra’s breath caught in her throat at his sudden honesty, too much honesty she thought. Her mind raced trying to configure a smart enough response to the boy next door when suddenly a male guard unlocked her door, slamming it open while indicating to his watch that it was time to leave for her appointment with Dr. Crane, her new psychiatrist. She hesitated for a moment but decided to just proceed to her session with the guard, avoiding embarrassment seemed like the smartest thing to do.

Mr. No Name smiled triumphantly at his own personal trait; unpredictability. It never ceased to fail him.

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