Underlying Fear

The mind is truly wonderful thing, developing as the world evolves. For Alexandra Rosalina, her mind is her greatest enemy. Diagnosed as mentally insane when she was 6 years old, she fights to gain back control of her mind. With a new life awaiting, secrets to be revealed & her past slowly re occurring, never would her life be the same again.


4. The Attack

Chapter 3⃣

The Attack 🚨

The black handcuffs dug deeply into the fragile skin of Alexandra’s wrists as the guard tugged the chain harshly which was bonded between the cuffs, trying to prevent her from slowing down as she was falling behind the two of them. Alexandra’s lack of sleep from the night before was definitely portraying its negative effects as she tried her best to withstand the need to close her eyes as she slowly paced the halls of the secure wing. The atmosphere surrounding the wing caused her to yawn greatly as she returned her gaze to the guard in front of her and couldn’t help but stare at the chain between them both. There was no such word as freedom for Alexandra as she was as helpless as a little tiger in a cage, hidden away from the big bad world, or hidden from the risk of contributing to the bad which is in this world?

Alexandra furrowed her eyebrows in deep thought, rummaging through her brain collecting all of the knowledge which she knew about her life so far. She questioned herself on every topic she could: childhood, school, friends and family, until an excruciating pulse of pain radiated its way through her head and began to emit through her entire body, making her stop in her tracks, her body overcome with pain.

She quickly received another tug from the guard and she had no choice but to force herself to move, blanking out the pain which continued to wave throughout her body. An array of noise echoed from the halls, interrupting the once quiet atmosphere that surrounded both the guard and Alexandra. A nervous expression painted upon the use-to-be brute guard’s face and he all of a sudden started to pace, faster, through the halls hurrying Alexander with him. The pain from before vanished and panic overtook Alexandra’s mind, running through the many possibilities of what the chaos could be until a stranger, most likely a fellow wing mate, stopped her in her tracks from behind causing the guard to halt to a sudden stop also.

The stranger’s cuffs were cold against Alexandra’s bare neck as they touched it ever so slightly causing a shiver to run up her spine. The guard warned the stranger to let her go or there would be consequences to his actions but he did not respond. She was being threatened by a closed book, not one thing would he give away, nothing to lead her to the knowing of who her threat was. Alexandra chuckled darkly as she realized one thing: She did not know of any of Arkham’s patient’s. The stranger was wasting his time playing his mind games with her.

Her chuckle shocked both the stranger and the guard, causing them both to look at her, bewildered expressions on each if their faces. Then, without warning, the guard lifted his gun aiming it at both Alexandra and her attacker.

“Freaks! The pair of use!” the guard scowled as he slowly backed away from the patients who lived in the secure wing of Arkham’s Hospital for the Mentally Insane Children, realizing just who he was surrounded by and where he was the guard hurried off. Taking this as his only time to do so, the attacker quickly directed his victim out of clear view of the guards that would soon follow from the chase the attacker had provided them with.

The handcuffs remained where they were placed around Alexandra's neck but gently enough only to leave a red mark, not any major injury on her and this she was thankful for. The stranger remained closely behind her, both their breathing being the only noise able enough to hear from their sudden rush of adrenaline which they both had experienced a few moments earlier. Slowly, the attacker leant closer to Alexandra’s ear and softly whispered:

“I’m sorry I had to do that, but I had to talk to you before I left.”

The stranger stopped, waiting for a response on the frozen girl he had just stolen and when she lightly nodded her head indicating that he should continue he watched her for a second, taking in the moment as it would be the first and last, for the time being he promised himself.

“I’m here to say goodbye.” The stranger, once again, whispered.

Alexandra’s eyes widened with rage and she dug deep down eventually finding the courage within herself to physically fight back with her attacker but his strength overpowered her tired body and she simply surrendered.

“All of that, just for a good bye. I don’t even know you. I don’t know anyone in this place!” she hissed through clenched teeth as the rage she felt for the wing mate behind her grew more as she said each word.

“I’m hurt, tiger.”

The familiar sarcastic whine caused Alexandra’s stomach to jump into her throat as a slight gasp escaped her lips. He simply placed his hands over her eyes and turned her towards him so he could see who he had befriended for all the years he had been a patient in the hospital. He brushed a strand of her curls which had fallen over her face, caused by her sudden struggle of anger to his goodbye, behind her ear and softly whispered for the last time.

“Thank you, for ev-ery-thing, I shall see you very soon, tiger.”

Without warning he placed a delicate kiss on her left cheek lingering their when her lips twitched into a small but sweet smile. He slipped a small envelope into her pocket and then he was gone.

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