Underlying Fear

The mind is truly wonderful thing, developing as the world evolves. For Alexandra Rosalina, her mind is her greatest enemy. Diagnosed as mentally insane when she was 6 years old, she fights to gain back control of her mind. With a new life awaiting, secrets to be revealed & her past slowly re occurring, never would her life be the same again.


1. Preface


Fear. An individual's biggest enemy. It crushes the dreams and hopes of a person just because of the psychological mentality it brings upon someone when confronted with. It is a powerful aura in which we human beings submit ourselves towards, letting it conquer our strength and unleash the coward inside each one if us.

Fear is a nightmare in which the world underestimates. It hovers over today's society like a dark cloud, prepared to drop at the first sign of weakness. As this cloud drops it sends a person's mind into a frenzy creating a bubble of insecurity, failure and puniness, a state that no one enjoys being in.

The world's most dangerous insects, the tallest building in the world, the tightest space and the darkest room. These are just examples of building bricks to something more terrifying. The foundations of the world's most darkest creation.

There is nothing to fear but fear himself.

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