Ready for War

Ruko was a only child living by herself with her young 'sister' SeeU but when they take her away from Ruko this is where they cross the line and Ruko plans to kill all of them and get back SeeU.

(Inspired by the song Declare War on Voc@loids)


6. Day 6

I don't even know what happened to my sister I can't see I am crying even more these guys are so brutal. Why?

Ruko over and out........................

I looked down and then I looked back at the screen and the cloth fell off and the guys were died and then I saw Tei with SeeU. Tei looked at the camera.

"I got your sister safe" Tei said smiling.

All of sudden the door flung open and there appeared Miko. She walked to me and untied the ropes and then Ritsu walked into the room with a dark dress and he had a patch on.

"Hey" he said waving at me.

I smiled at him and we walked up to me he put something on my right eye is was a patch.

(It is what she has on. In the cover of the book)

"Use this" Ritsu said smiling.

I felt the rope fall to the ground and then I looked at my hand it had red marks from being in the rope for to long.

Miko walked to the screen and pressed some buttons. I looked at the screen and I saw Tei walking with SeeU i smiled and looked at Miko. She was trying to put something on it must be the patch that Ritsu gave me. But then Meiko slammed through the door.

"What are you guys doing!!!!" Meiko said running to Miko.

Miko kicked Meiko in the face and Meiko fell to the ground. But them Ritsu suddenly fell to the ground I saw a girl with one pigtail and had yellow hair. She looked at me and smirked.

"Are you scared" she said grinning.

I flicked her nose and pushed her and I grabbed Ritsu and got him up. A girl with grey hair that was tied up in a ponytail ran to me but then Ritsu got in front of me and he grabbed his piano from around his waist and threw it to her. He missed but then she grabbed it and brought it to her side and then licked the edge and grinned.

"Welcome to hell" She said before she threw it back at us.

I moved back but then the piano cut him. He fell to the ground I looked around and saw Miko fighting Meiko and then i saw the girl with blond hair with one pigtail right behind me and the other in front.

"Haku" the girl said to the other one.

"Neru" Haku said to the other girl.

Haku tripped me and then Neru put a cloth in my mouth and then I felt sleepy I turned my head and saw SeeU.

And then I knock out...............

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