Ready for War

Ruko was a only child living by herself with her young 'sister' SeeU but when they take her away from Ruko this is where they cross the line and Ruko plans to kill all of them and get back SeeU.

(Inspired by the song Declare War on Voc@loids)


5. Day 5

So it has been hours and Miko has not been here something must have happened to her but she will come I hope

Ruko over and out.........:..

My heart beat went faster and faster as I saw SeeU get hurt. It made me terrified to see her like this just because I made her believe she was a UTAU I feel bad ugh. I don't know how I got myself into this. Well I wanted to save my sister and this is how I got see. Seeing her get tortured.

"Stop!!!" SeeU said screaming.

I looked at the screen and I couldn't believe my eyes she was looking at men and the man was punching her for no reason.

"Then believe that your a Vocaloid" the man said.

"No!!" SeeU said yelling at him.

The other man walked away from the camera and then I could see a glimpse of a AX. No no no!!!!! He looked at the camera and smiled and covered it with a cloth.

"Nooooo!!!!!!!" I yelling to the screen.

All of a sudden I heard a scream and it went silent. I cried. My sister is died.

Sorry so short...........

Hoped you liked it

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