Ready for War

Ruko was a only child living by herself with her young 'sister' SeeU but when they take her away from Ruko this is where they cross the line and Ruko plans to kill all of them and get back SeeU.

(Inspired by the song Declare War on Voc@loids)


2. Day 2

So they want to take SeeU my own sibling to me I need help to save SeeU so I went to a save camp for survivors that help in this war. I was going to bring SeeU with me but they grabbed her.

Ruko over and out.

I finally made it to the save camp it was secret. I am super mad at army on the opposite side I knocked on the door and a little side of the door opened.

"Password" the girl said behind the door.

"UTAU" I whispered.

The door opened the girl showed herself.

"I am Defoko come in" Defoko said letting me in.

I walked in and I walked down the long hallway.

"This door" Defoko said pointing to the door.

I walked to her and she opened it and I walked in.

"Welcome Ruko Yokune" a female robot voice spoke.

I looked at the screen and it had my information it read:

Name: Ruko Yokune

Age: 22

Height: 6'5

Siblings: none.

I frowned at the screen I felt sad that I had no siblings but I have SeeU. Well had. A guy the same height as me walked towards me. Damn he is hot.

"My name is Rook" he said putting his hand out for me to shake.

I shacked his hand and smiled.

"I am Ruko" I said blushing.

"I like that name" he said smirking.

I was melting at his eyes like damn.

"Thanks" I said blushing.

He smiled and walked away. I spun around and walked away and then a girl walked up to me with a piano around her.

"Hello I am Ritsu" she said smiling.

She has a boy voice strange.

"Hey I am Ruko" I said smiling back.

She was short she went she looked at me she had to look up.

"Are you a boy or girl?" I said raising my eyebrow.

"I am a boy" HE said then chuckled.

He is a boy he looks like a she I am so confused.

"Everyone says that" he said frowning.

"Sorry" I said to him.

I kissed his head and walked away I looked back and saw him blush.

"Ruko over here" a girl with red pigtails said to me.

I walked to her and nodded my head.

"Your part of the UTAU group in Denmark we are in war with Vocaloids in Germany but they are sadly winning but we are going to attack when they don't notice it and we now know that they are getting all the Vocaloids to attack us" the girl said frowning.

"Who are all Vocaloids" I said questioning.

She grabbed a piece of paper with names and started reading the names but then she mentioned SeeU.

"Hold up did you say SeeU" I said stopping her.

"She is on the list and she IS a Vocaloid" the girl said.

"SeeU... I am her sister-" I was going to explain by she cut me off

"Your a Vocaloid" she said surprisingly.

"No-" she cut me off.

"Code red VOCALOID IN THE BUILDING!!!" She yelled out.

Two girls ran to me and dragged me out I looked at everyone and then I saw Rook he was with a disappointed look. They throw me out. I started to cry on the ground.

"I need help" I said covering my face.

"Are you sure you Vocaloid" rook said from behind me.

I turned around and smiled at him.

"I need your help" I said running to him.

I wanted to hug him but he grabbed my arms roughly.

"I don't hug Vocaloids" he said rudely.

"But I am not" I said crying.

"Then what are you" he said frowning.

I sighed and looked deep in his red eyes.

"I am an orphan and I met SeeU she was like a sister to me we have been going place to place, I crossed his battleground I wanted to bring SeeU here but I never knew that she was a Vocaloid" I said wiping my tear away.

"You were going to bring a vocaloid, you would have been doing thing you are doing right now" he said angrily.

"Why are you mad at me?" I said about to cry again.

"Your a UTAU you never be a vocaloid they are evil" he explained.

"And they have my sister" I said pointing to the city behind us.

"She is not your sister she is evil" he said grabbed my arm.

I slapped him across the face.

"She is my fucking sister I have to save her and I you don't want to save her with me then left me alone!" I said yelling.

I ran towards the city without looking back.

"I will save her myself" I whispered to myself.

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