Ready for War

Ruko was a only child living by herself with her young 'sister' SeeU but when they take her away from Ruko this is where they cross the line and Ruko plans to kill all of them and get back SeeU.

(Inspired by the song Declare War on Voc@loids)


1. Day 1

My name is Ruko Yokune

This is my journal that I will write what will happen to me during my journey of war if I don't make it I want to say that I had great years with SeeU.

I laid on the ground with my friend SeeU. Our town of London has been in war with Germany for almost a year. Me and SeeU have been going place to place to protect ourself I have been the guardian of SeeU I protect her and make sure she doesn't get killed she has been my only family I ever had I never had a family in my life I was living in a orphanage until I turned 18. I met SeeU when I was at a base camp it got destroyed later in the month.

"Ruko?" SeeU said from behind me.

I turned to face her and she stretched.

"Yea" I said smiling.

I heard a blast though the walls someone is near.

"We have to go SeeU" I said grabbing her arm.

"But we got here yesterday" she said wining.

"I know but they are near" I said putting on my shoes.

She frowned and got up. She put on her shoes and walked to the front door then the door got a hole cause of the bullet she screamed and fell to the ground. I ran to her and got on my knees.

"Are you ok SeeU" I said looking at her head.

Blood came out her arm.

"They shot me" she said looking at me.

"Relax I will grab the aid kit" I said running to the cabinet.

There was a knocking in the door.

"Let us in!" The man yelled from behind the door.

I ran to SeeU and patch her up.

"Let's go SeeU" I said running to the window.

SeeU ran to me but the door busted open. A man with dark blue hair grabbed SeeU and tied her hands behind her back.

"SeeU!" I yelled and then the guards noticed me.

The guard with purple long hair chased after me I luckily was faster then him. I stopped and kicked him in the face he fell to the ground and I continued running. So they want to take away SeeU from me I understand.

"I declare war on Germany" I whispered to myself while looking at the town behind me.

I continued running farther and farther. I need help to save my little 'sister' SeeU

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