Lilian Black: Her Secret

Lillian black has been raised by Sirius until her 4th year when he died (I know that's not accurate ok.) Lilian is now going to attend Hogwarts instead of being home-schooled. At Hogwarts though she discovers a secret...she is not a Black she is really a Potter.


9. What Happened?

The day after the duel The three girls headed up to Gryffindor tower to discuss what had happened. They couldn't come up with anything and they were upset that Ariella was still in the hospital wing. apparently it wasn't any old stunning spell. It was much more powerful so Madam Pomfrey said she would probably be unconscious for a week. Thankfully she didn't ask any questions. Lily started thinking about what had happened. 

"Hey guys why do you think we were attacked?"

"I don't know Lily i don't know." It was Skylar who had replied .

"Actually Malfoy told me something because he thought I wasn't going to get away. Shows him who's wrong!"

"What did he say." This time it was Hermione who spoke and Skylar was urgin her to speak.

"Well he said that the Dark Lord, Voldemort, wanted me and i tricked him into telling me, or he was just that stupid. Anyway he said that Voldemort wanted me that I was special or something and I didn't get it....."

"Oh my gosh Lily let me see your forehead again. Just as I thought." As Hermione had seen under Lily's  black haired bangs was a scar and then Lily remembered. Didn't Harry have a scar like this too? It just couldn't be were they...related? She couldn't believe it and was too afraid to say anything. To get out of it Lily said she was tired and she went off to bed. One thing was for sure, She was going to find out what happened.

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