Lilian Black: Her Secret

Lillian black has been raised by Sirius until her 4th year when he died (I know that's not accurate ok.) Lilian is now going to attend Hogwarts instead of being home-schooled. At Hogwarts though she discovers a secret...she is not a Black she is really a Potter.


14. Twins

She thought and then she thought of something. She and Harry looked alike and the scars, identical. how had she not put it together? They were siblings, maybe even twins. More thoughts filled her head trying to figure something out, after what she had done she had to know something. Were she and Harry twins? She opened her mouth to tell Hermione  but quickly closed it. No one would believe her if she said that. No one. She decided to keep the thought down, let no one know that the idea had even occurred to her. 

"So at least he is alive, um and our classes have been canceled just us 4 including Harry. Hermione gave her a weak smile, though Lily knew she was annoyed classes were cancelled for them. So was Lily because she knew that would take her mind off of things. Lily stared at the ground. She tried to let all the things that had happened process. Harry was her family, Sirius was dead, she was a wizard, she came to Hogwarts, she had friends. It was totally different, it was a life she never thought she'd have.


Lily was currently walking to the infirmary. Harry still hadn't woken up, she wondered when he woke up if he would forgive her. Would he would forgive her for doing such a terrible thing to him. She honestly didn't know what she would do now. Things were so different than before. Finally she arrived at her destination and opened the big doors to the infirmary. She walked quietly and carefully over to Harry's bed. "Hey" she said quietly. She knew he wasn't hearing her. "I'm so sorry I did this to you." She spoke, letting a tear fall from her eye before quickly wiping it away. She was just about to leave when she heard a strained  voice say "hey." Harry. He was awake, she thought. She quickly turned around on her heals and rushed over to his side. His eyes were opening and he was awake and alive and actually there. "Madam Pomfrey!" Lily yelled to her. She rushed over to them saying "What? What?" "He's awake Madam he's AWAKE!!!" Lily exclaimed with joy.

Then Lily was asked to leave. She did not want to leave after he had just woken up but Madam Pomfrey made  her. And by that she meant she was being pushed out the door by her. As she walked out she was standing in front of Professor Dumbledore. "Lilian, i was just coming to talk to you." "To me?" The questioned. "Yes now let's go up to my office." Soon enough they were standing in Dumbledore's  office. "So, Professor, why do you want to talk to me?"

"That is a very good question Miss Black." He stared at her before he continued talking, "Your suspicions are correct, you are the twin of Harry Potter." That was it, she was right. She was no longer Lilian Black, she was Lilian Potter, so then she was named after her real mother. This was amazing. "Though there is a reason behind your magic, the dreams you've been having, the scar you have that you keep hidden from everyone."

"You are a very special girl. when you were born you had Harry and your parents and one night Voldemort came and tried to kill your family. As you know he did kill your parents, but you he did not try to kill you but he put a weird curse on you, you have his power you are just as powerful as him, he gave you his power and the scar was to control you and to ensure you were tied to your brother, you see he wanted to kill harry but in case he didn't that night you were his 'backup'. You are very powerful but you are dangerous, very dangerous if he can really control you you might end  up hurting a lot of people, including your friends and Harry and maybe even yourself. I know this is all very sudden so I will let you leave back to your dorm and get some sleep. Have a good night Miss B-Potter."

Lily's jaw dropped to the floor as she ran to her dorm with tears in her eyes. She could barely see as she ran. Then she bumped into Draco, great. because she totally needed that to happen right now. She didn't pay attention to his yells she kept running. Hopefully he didn't know it was her. When she finally got to Gryffindor tower she said the password and bolted for the staircase. She ran up to bed, not caring if she woke anybody up. She ignored anyone who yelled or asked her anything. She just jumped on her bed and sobbed until she fell asleep. 



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