Lilian Black: Her Secret

Lillian black has been raised by Sirius until her 4th year when he died (I know that's not accurate ok.) Lilian is now going to attend Hogwarts instead of being home-schooled. At Hogwarts though she discovers a secret...she is not a Black she is really a Potter.


7. Persuading

Lily and harry walked out onto the grounds making no sound at all. Finally when they went through the doors Harry spoke up.

"Lily, um I wanted to know if you could..."

"Could what Harry?"

" If you could maybe tell me what you think of me starting a new Defense Against the Dark Arts class?"

"I think that would be absolutely wonderful because i absolutely hate Umbridge! Anyway you have fought Voldemort before you would be the perfect teacher!"

"Really, Lily, you think so? I didn't know if i could do it or not, do you really think i could tech people?"

"Absolutely Harry! You have got to start having more confidence and anyway I don't think it will be that hard and if you want Hermione, Skylar, Ariella, and I could help out by um maybe preparing things for you to tech or something."

"That would be great but um I need to one more thing.... will you assist me in teaching?

Lily was shocked she couldn't believe Harry potter was asking her to help him! She couldn't decide if she wanted to but she knew it would be fun. Finally, after pondering it for about a minute, Lily said yes.

"Great then um wanna go back to the common room and see what the others think?"


They both made their way up to the common room and entered through the portrait of the fat lady. For some reason she had been very mysterious like she knew something. in fact there were many staff who also acted this way. She wondered why, also she wondered why she didn't know because she had the smartest friends at Hogwarts. She dismissed the though and greeted the girls.



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