The principals son

Rochelle's life is going really good. When she finds out about the new principal at school, mr.horan she knows there would be trouble right away. What happens when mr.horan brings his son niall to school one day? Will niall and Rochelle find that they have feelings for each other?what will happen when niall makes the biggest chose of his life?


1. get to know me

My name is Rochelle. I am 16 years old and live in mullingar, Ireland. My life is perfect. I live with my mom, dad,my younger sister gabbie,and younger brother Lucas. I have many friends, but my closet friends name is mackenzie.I am currently attending north square high school. school is well.....alright...I guess? For the last year I had the best principal ever! She was so nice,polite,and kind hearted. She was also really really pretty too! Just recently, she found out that she was diagnosed with a very rare cancer in the lungs, and barley had a try at living.2 months ago our school got the news that she had passed.the teachers have been trying to find a new one was offering so for a little, we just have to wait.

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