Forever and always

I woke up yo the sounf of pebbles hotting my window I took a glance at the clock 12:00am I went to my window and there he was he stood looking up at me his brown curls his green eyes glowed in the moon light " Harry what are you doing here my father sain not to see you again" I dont care I love you and thats all I know nothing can and will never stop me from loving you you are my life now and with out you Im lost you are the best thing in my life and I hant handle the pain of loosing you I love you " " I- I love you too I had tears coming down my cheeks and I could tell he had some too "Remember for ever and always never forget my love for you as long as you have that tattoo and I wish you do too " " I will always love you Harry for ever and always "


1. He's Looking at you



               Your P.O.V


 As I walked into class I was greeted by two of my bestfriends Niall and Sonia " (y-n) we've missed you so much " the both ran to me.


  Yup a new year just started in fact my senior year wich ment my father would be getting on to me to make sure I had the best grades all year long ,and to make sure I went to college even though he could basicly pay every college in the damm world.


   As I sat down both of my friends over flowed me with lots of questions about my summer in America " guys it was'nt that much of a big trip my dad and I just went to visit family members and to check on our houses and stuff like that nothing that important"


  " mhm any cute guys (y-n) huh?" "maybe, maybe not" I said trying to sound nonchalant "what ever (y-n) you know you did" said Niall in a playfull tone  


  "haha I just said maybe" I said now turning my attention to the front of the class where an mid aged woman came in she had  dirty blond hair and she was short


  "good morning class welcome my name is Mrs. Martinez and today I was'nt asigned anything to give you all pretty much so today you could just sit back and socialize"


   She sat back and l turned back to Niall and Sonia who were wispering about something " what is that you are hidding from me tell me " " ok ,ok look come closer" said Sonia I leaned over and she said


  " ok dont get too excited but Harry over there has been staring at you since you walked in" I looked at her in a half disguised half unbelieving face   


   " Harry Styles the "bad boy" that moved here from Chresire last year, the one whos parents know my dad, the one who used tohang with my cousin Liam " l answered her


   "yeah that one ,look back hes calling you" I slowly turned around to find him standig in back of me " uhm may I help you?" l asked him


      Trying not to show my nervousness because l actualy was scared of him just by remembering all the stuff he did with Liam "yeah how bout you and me a date tonight " he said typical bastard


  " l don't know l need to think about it l'll tell you later if l see you" " sure take your time babe"  he said with a smirk 


   Then the bell rang l basicly ran out of that class followed by Sonia and Niall


   "What was that dude" "l don't know but l just hope l dont se him again cause l can't and l don't want to answer his question"


   " Come on  you have (y-n) to live your life go out have fun date guys if you know what I mean" said Sonia


   " Yes but just not with him Sonia " l said looking around to see if he was close


  " Ok what ever whats your next class " asked Niall "um History .you?" I said " Algebra and you Soni?" he said


  " Trans Math"


  "Damm that sucks well see you guys later " l said as l made my way over to the history bulding i spoted my best friend almost like my sister


   " Alyssa" l almost shouted in the hall " (Y-N) OMG I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH" she shouted back


  "hey what class do you have next?" 


  I asked her " uhm History with Mrs. Howell" she said


   " omg me too"


   " YAY" we walked together and we sat down talking about what we had done during the summer when Harry walked in


  "uhm sir may I help you?" the teacher asked " uhm Im in this class" he said "fuck" l wispered to myself. 


   He saw me and smirked and to his luck and my disguise the seat on the other side of me was empty. He made his way over and sat next to me.


  "Class I hope you like he seats you're in cause these are your seats for the rest of the semester" said the teacher


  Alyssa and I where talking when I turned back there was a slip of paper on my desk.


   I read it.


    Still thinking, Love ?


  I looked up to find Harry looking at his phone. Then looked up and smirked at me.


 " If I say yes this time will you leave me alone?" I asked annoyance clear on my voice


 " maybe no promises, love"


  "What time?"


 " I'll pick you up at 7"


  " Where are we going?"


 " I'm afraid is a surprise, love"


 " Dont call me that" I snapped at him


   " Alright, LOVE" he said with a smirk


  Oh how i wanted to slap tht little smirk off his face.


       I turned to look at Alyssa,but she was talking to Angie


       Well thanks for leaving me alone sis


 The rest of the day went by as a blur. All stck in my head was that i was stuck with Harry Styles on a date.


  Well once you think about it it wasnt that bad. 


  Or was it? 


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