What Happens?

It's about Aya who looses her best friend the last day of school. She starts seeing thinks there isn't there.


1. Last day of school

”For some of you, this year was the first of many”. He took a short break and looked out at us. “And for other this was the last year for you” I looked at my classmate, they all cheered. Emma stood beside me. Like me, she didn’t cheer with the others, because we knew what would happen now. She looked at me, and tried to smile, but I could see she faked it. I knew her so well. We had also been best friends for seven years. “We will miss y’all, who are going to leave us, but we are also looking forward for next year” He kept talking. The same guy every year and none of the students knew who he was. “Shall we go and get our stuff?” Emma asked. I just nodded and followed her.

We went inside and I exhaled. I hadn’t knew, that I was holding my breath but now I could feel my lunges burn. “I just have to pee” said Emma. She always had to pee, it was her thing. The hall looked like a tunnel. There was nobody to see and nothing to hear, except our footsteps. We turned to the right and there were two doors, one for the boys and one for the girls. I opened the door for and we walked inside the restroom. “Uh, here is chilled” I said. “Really? I think here is a normal temperature” She went inside a toilet boss. I looked at one of the big mirrors. There were to big mirrors over tree sinks. Behind me were there four toilets. I looked at the window. The man was still talking and people were still listening. I looked at the mirrors again and behind me was a boy. Or, I wouldn’t call him a boy, because he looks like he is at my age, and I am 16 years old. “Excuse me, but I think you are in the wrong toilet” I smiled to the boy. He didn’t reply. I turned around to tell him, that he should go, but when I looked, he wasn’t there. Maybe he was in my imagination. I shake my head and looked back at the mirror. There he was again, but this time with a knife. He tries to say something, but not a sound comes from his mouth. I try to do the same movement with my lips. Run. He says run. I turn around. Nothing. “Emma, aren’t you finishing?” All I want to do are running out of the door, but I have to wait. There goes some seconds and she doesn’t respond me. I knock slowly at the toilet door and ask again. She still doesn’t respond. I pull the handle down and the door opens slowly. Emma lies at the floor bleeding a beautiful red color. I screamed. I don’t know what else to do. How could this happen? I can’t think strait and screams even louder. I can hear footsteps out in the hall and the door to the girl’s restroom gets smacked up. Two teachers looked at me with wild eyes. All I can do is pointing at Emma’s body. One of the teachers goes over to where I’m pointing. “Code 7-5-9” It’s all he says. The other teacher, also a man, takes his phone up and starts calling people up. “Who is this?” He doesn’t take his eyes from the body, and neither do I. “It’s…it’s Emma. Emma Santors” My eyes burns and the tears starts rolling down my cheeks. I look at myself in the mirror. How could this happen? And why? I can’t believe it. The last day of school and my best friend dies. We should celebrate the day, now I’m going to a funeral. It feels like the air is full of death so I walk out before they can’t stop me. They are both distracted, one by the body and the other by his telephone. I get stopped in the door opening. “And where do you think you are going?” The man who asks is a robust, tall with brown hair and blue eyes man. “Eh” I look over my back. I can see her lying beside the toilet with blood all over her, just by closing my eyes. The tears start rolling down again. I try to wipe them away before he sees them, but he sees them. “Are you okay?” All I want to say is what do you think? My best friend is death, but I have my manners, and shake my head instead. He nodes and after a moment he take me in his arms. If it wasn’t because I felt so terribly and shakes all over my body, I would have pushed him away, but I don’t. I feel safe. For a moment I feel safe, and I start to cry again. “Come with me, I will find you something so you can feel a little better” 


We went through a lot of halls. “Were we going?” I asked with a small voice. My voice sounded funny. He just looked at me, and kept walking. I thought about Emma and the men, who were so calm about it. What was code 7-5-9? All my thoughts got pretty messy inside my head so I didn’t notice that I walked straight in to a door. I fell to the ground and took both my hands to my head. “Are you okay?” he asked. I hurried to my feeds and said “Yes, I’m just a little distracted. He opened the door for me and we walked in together. The room looked like a cafeteria, but still like a classroom, which was a little funny. “Do you want anything?” he asked me. I had sat myself in a chair. “We have tea, coffee maybe some alcohol? That could calm you a little” He tried to make me laugh, but all I wanted to do, was cry. I could feel the tears press in my eyes but I tried to blink them away as fast as I could. “Just some the, please” I tried to smile, but I’m pretty sure that it just turned out like a grimace. “Here” He gave me a cup of tea. He self had a cup of coffee. I could smell the coffee, and it reminds me of Emma. Again the tears came, but this time I couldn’t hold them back and just blink. They rolled down my cheeks and I look down. “Drink, it will make you feel better” I took a little sip from the cup. I hadn’t notice how cold I was, but it was nice how the warm the make me feel. “Is it okay, if I ask you some simple questions?” He tried to make eye contact, but I just looked down on the floor. “Sure” I took a deep breath. “What’s your name?” I looked up and into his eyes. They were blue, but there was some green in them. “Aya Vanshin” “Hey Aya, my name is Jack” I didn’t get a last name, just Jack. Now I didn’t know if I should have said my whole name or just my first name. “And how old are you?” I could hear a clock going tik tak, tik tak. “I’m 16 years” “Okay, and can you tell me what happened before?” I didn’t want to talk about it. “Take a sip more and take all the time you want” he had a notebook in front of him, and I could see he had written something down. “She was just suddenly dead” I didn’t wanted to talk about it, and tried to make my sentence about her as short as possible. “Tell me everything. Every little detail as you can remember” I nodded and I understood, but I didn’t want to remember. All I wanted was to forget that it even had happened and try to move forward. But I knew that I had to, so I told him everything, except the boy. I didn’t feel like I should tell him about that.

“Okay, is that everything?” He looked at me like I was hidden something, and maybe I was but he couldn’t know that. “That’s everything” I said while smiling nervously. My heart beat faster and faster. I wasn’t use to lie. My hands became sweaty. “Then okay, that’s everything for now” I stood up and so did he. “Shall I follow you out?” he said. I just nodded. I would have preferred not, but I would never say that. 

We walked slowly out. None of us said something specially. I could hear him take a deep breath and then he suddenly stopped up. “Listen, I know there was more in the story you told me. All I wants to do is helping, okay? So you can tell me” I frost. Had my lie been so obvious? I turned around. “There isn’t more to the story than I told you” I said. My voice crack a little but else it sounded like I was confident, which I’m not. I walked away from him.

When I finally came outside took I a deep breath. Why had I lied to him? Because I didn’t wanted to sound weird? Probably. Or, no it wasn’t why. My mouth had just known that I shouldn’t say anything about the boy to Jack.

I stood outside my house. I could hear my mom humming and the TV in the living room running. Every little sound became louder and I had to put both my hands to my ears. I wanted to scream, but suddenly I could hear footsteps behind me. I turned fast around and there was the man form earlier today. I took my hands down and looked at him. “Hello, my name is Carl McLeod. You must be Aya” I nodded. Behind him were a man and a woman. The man was Jack. I didn’t know the lady. “I’ve heard about the episode and I came to see if you are okay” “I’m fine” I said it a little too fast than I should had done, but I couldn’t take it back. “And if you excuse me, I have to go in and tell my parents” I only said that, so I could walk away from him. I hurried inside. I could hear them talk outside so I listened to them. “There’s something she doesn’t tell us, find out what it is, Jack” It was Carl who talked. “If she one of them, she has to be put out if this game, for real” It was a lady voice who said this, probably the lady who stood behind Carl. “I know what to do” This was Jack. I could recognize his voice.

“Aya, is it you?” It was my mom’s voice. “Yes, I’m home” I said. How should I tell her about Emma? Just thinking about her. I couldn’t. “Come here in and tell us about your last day” I could hear she was happy, just by listening to her voice. My dad was a man by few words, so he was quite. I went in to the living room and told them about my day. Everything. Also what happened to Emma.

I hurried to my room. My room wasn’t the biggest, but I had what I needed; a bed, a desk and a closet to my clothes. I threw myself on the bed and stared up in my ceiling. Someone knocked on the door. I knew who it was. Jack. I could hear him breathing, or was it just my own breath I could hear? “Hello, and who are you?” It was my mom voice. “I’m Jack, you must be Aya’s mother, are she home?” Like you didn’t know I was home. I just wanted some peace, but no. “Yes she is, come inside” I could hear footsteps in the hallway. “You must have heard what had happened with Emma? Poor girl” My mom should always talk. And why did she invite him inside. I mean, she always tells me that I should be careful for who I take with me home. “Where can I find Aya?” Jack asked my mom. “Upstairs and number two door on your left side” I groaned. Great, now he’s going to ask me more questions. Couldn’t he just go away? His footsteps were just outside my door. Knock knock. I wanted to say go away, but instead I said “Come in”

The door opened and in came Jack. “Are you okay?” I kept looking at the ceiling” Listen, I don’t have a lot of time, so I will make this as short as I can” I raised my head and looked at him. “I heard what you three were talking about. I and don’t know what you shall do, but please go away” my voice was angry, and for a good reason. I had heard them and what else they were talking about, it didn’t sound especially nice. “I want to tell you it all and safe you, but then you have to trust me” he looked at me with a weird face. “Could you hear us talking?” “Yes” I said it like it didn’t mean anything, but that way he put the words, it sounded like it meant a lot. “Meet me here tomorrow at 9 am. There’s something I wants to show you” He gave me a piece of paper and then he left. I listened to him walking away.

After a few minutes I gave the paper in my hand a look. There was an address written in cursive; Millburn number 8 and then a number 333-45-111. I didn’t know if I should go there. Maybe. I looked at the clock, it was 06:09 pm. It was starting to be dark outside. My head was spinning so I laid it down on my pillow. I was tired, so tired that I felt asleep before I had managed to get my quilt over myself. 

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