You the one that kills me

digt på engelsk om at miste sin kæreste eller bedste ven.


1. You the one that kills me

You the one that’s always have been there for me

Now you the one that’s only let me down

You killing me inside

True love or true friend

I don’t know if I can do this anymore

I love you, I can’t do without you

And now we are falling apart

Like we were never even friends

All the memories they don’t mean anything anymore

I don’t mean anything to you anymore

You say that your hurt but I think you just fine

You fine without me

You don’t need me

I loved you and I still do

But do you still love me?

I am not special to you anymore

Will I ever be special to anyone?

You have my whole heart

And I don’t have even a little place in yours

I am dying every day because of you

I trusted you when you said that you love me

I trusted you when you said us forever

I trusted you when you said that you will never hurt me again

But guess what? I am hurt now

I am falling apart

And I am sure you are not going to save me

What am I to you now?

I can’t do anything to make it good again

I am dying

Every day it’s a nightmare

The pain is always there


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