Sixteen year old, Lydia Grey's life is turned upside down when mysterious Toby Matthews comes into her world. Nothing is as it seems. Creatures that she once believed to only exist in books... are now real, in her world. Now, she must make a choice. Love or friendship?


3. Chapter Two

“You’re late, Lydia Grey, as usual.” I scowl at Mrs Mills as I stumble into the reception to collect a late slip. “Why are you late this time? Missed the bus, I presume?”

“Well, first I couldn’t find my uniform and then I noticed that it was crushed so I had to figure out how to turn the stupid thing on before even beginning to iron it, and then my toast burnt and I had to cook some more toast, my maths text book was nowhere to be found and by the time I had found it, the bus was already leaving.” I say in a rushed voice, trying to fit it all in one big breath. “So, yes, I missed the bus.”

She scrawls my name, Lydia Grey onto a yellow piece of paper and hands it to me, peering over the tops of her glasses as if she thinks it will intimidate me that way. It doesn’t, I just think she looks funny.


I feel it as soon as I step foot into my history classroom, the weight of hundreds of eyes. I guess that is because everyone is looking at me.

Mr Wilkinson, my history teacher, gives me a disapproving glare as I hand him the late slip. He indicates to my seat where I usually sit with my best friend, Marcie Geller. However, this time, she is sitting at the front, a spot she hates to sit in, and in her place is a boy. As I walk towards him, I can’t help but think of how the T-shirt he is wearing, clings to his body perfectly, outlining his great physique. When my eyes land on his face, I inhale sharply. It is his face, the one from my dream.

The boy smiles at me as I draw closer to the desk and he sticks his hand out for me to shake. I hesitate for just a moment as I remember my dream, but then I glance into his brown eyes and am instantly reassured. As I sit there shaking his hand, I can’t help but think of how warm his hand wrapped around mine is and how big his hands are that they could swallow mine whole.

“Hi, nice to meet you.” the boy greets as I begin to focus up on the teacher. “The name’s Toby Matthews.”


At the front of the classroom, Mr Wilkinson is jabbering on and on about Ancient China, while I am trying, and failing miserably might I add, to keep my mind and eyes up where Mr Wilkinson is, rather than on the attractive boy beside me.


My first two periods, history and maths, pass by without any disruptions, except for finding out that Toby is not only in my history class, but also in my maths. Be still, my beating heart, I whisper under my breath, you won’t have to put up with him that much longer I hope.

When I reach my locker, I notice that, annoyingly, there is a large group of people standing right in front of it.

“Excuse me,” I say. They completely ignore me, as if I am only a ghost hovering beside them. I repeat it louder and still they continue to act as if I am not there.

“She said, excuse me.” A deep voice rumbles from behind me. They all glance up, their eyes widening slightly before they turn on their heels and leave, whispering under their breaths. I am not surprised if they are gossiping about the new kid, Toby Matthews.

I glare at him, annoyed that I need assistance just to get to my locker. “I didn’t need your help, I was doing just fine without you.”

Toby just scoffs. “Oh sure, those people were moving real fast. I thought after I saved a damsel in distress, I would at least get a thank you if not a kiss on the cheek.”

Now, it is my turn to scoff. “Shouldn’t you go to your locker or something?” I suggest, trying to get rid of him.

“Already am,” he grins, slamming his fist into the locker beside mine. Brilliant, I think, he just couldn’t get enough of me, could he?

“Lydia!” Someone squeals behind me. I turn and am instantly engulfed by Marcie Geller’s arms. Marcie is a girl that lives to catch up with all of the latest gossip. She has blue eyes and mousy-brown hair. “Where have you been? It feels like years since I saw you last.”

I give her a ‘be serious’  look. “Marcie, it’s been 24 hours.” But her attention is already snagged by something else. “And who might you be?”

Toby turns to face Marcie and grins. “Toby Matthews, happy to meet your acquaintance.” He bows right there and then and I don’t know when I have been more embarrassed in my life. He winks sheepishly at me.

My best friend starts looking between the two of us, an eyebrow rising in suspicion. “Do you two know each other?”

I begin to shake my head to say no, but Toby jumps right in, “Yes, we’re in the same history and maths class; but who knows what other classes we might also have together…” Oh yay… I think, scowling mentally in my head.

I watch as realisation begins to blaze in her eyes. “Ah, yes,” she says. “The seat stealer from history.” 

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