guardian angel. ( harry styles )

Ah, Harry Styles. I will always struggle to find the words to describe him. He is a mess, a reject, he is searching for love. He is a saving grace, a reason, a light in the darkness. His saviour? Well, that's yours to figure out. My name is Crash Michigan, and this is how Harry Styles ruined, but at the same time, completed my life.

Plot idea (c) whereweare_ 2014


3. chapter three- 'hello, again.'

Crash's POV

( sorry, there will be some Harry soon! <3 )

Compared to the start of the day, the continuing hours were extremely uneventful. I dealt with the minor injuries, such as little kids coming in with playground cuts and scrapes. I was continuously looking out the window, expecting to see that boy. Hell, I didn't even know him! From what I did know, he was violent and extremely flirtatious. My mother would certainly not approve if she knew that I had been fiddling with his number in my pocket all day, wistfully imagining me calling him- better yet, him picking up.

I was drawn out of my daydream by a high-pitched voice in my ear. 'Cee-Cee! Wakes wakey, Cee!' it giggled. I immediately recognised the voice- my baby niece Lux! I opened my eyes, grinning at her. 'Baby!' I exclaimed, drawing her up into my arms. Lux giggled cheekily, placing a chubby hand on my cheek. 'Mommy gone see auntie Rissa.' She explained, tediously hanging into every word she carefully pronounced. 'Can you take me to mommy Lou?' I asked her, setting her on the cold tiles. Lux frowned, clutching my arms. 'I dunno where mommy is. Maybe she in auntie Rissa's office?' She shrugged, toddling down to the door clearly labelled 'Marissa Michigan'.

I knocked slowly, opening the door and peering in. Nobody was in there, but the filing cabinet containing all the patient's details were. I couldn't help but notice one file, sprawled over my morher's desk- 'Harry Edward Styles.' I carefully checked for people, noting that Lux had toddled off to find someone else to cuddle with. I closes the door behind me, locking it. I tiptoed forwards, examining the file. Yep, definitely the curly haired boy I had seen this morning.

I opened the yellow paper containing the details, scanning over them. He had no parents, no relatives to speak of, and a criminal record. I glanced at his picture, the very sight of him sending excited shivers down my spine. I reprimanded myself, appalled about how much of an affect this criminal- okay, well, sexy criminal- had on me. All of a sudden, a knocking came from the door. I shut the file, turning around just as a key clicked in the lock.

'Oh, Crash! Come on honey, it's 6pm. Time to go.' My mom grinned, through a crack in the door. I nodded profusely, practically sprinting to the door. I slammed it closed, smiling shakily at mom. My mother frowned, stroking my cheek with the pad of her thumb. 'You look like you've seen a ghost, Crash.' She said, pointedly raising her eyebrows. 'Y-yeah.. I feel a little off.' I muttered, waiting for her to lock everything up. We walked towards the car, my mother trying to summon words from me. I just shrugged and nodded and shook my head where applicable, still shook up over nearly getting caught and discovering Harry's record.

We hopped in the car, beginning the drive home. We stopped to pick up Charlotte, and politely chat with her friend's mother. When we got home, I flew up the stairs to my room. I flicked the light on, sighing contentedly and leaning against the door. With my eyes still closed, I began unbuttoning my shirt. I heard a cough, causing my eyes to fly open and a scream to build in my throat. Before I knew it, a hand was on my mouth. I stared into the intense green eyes of my attacker, somehow immediately relieved.

'Hello, again.' He whispered, huskily. 'I told you that you'd see me soon.'

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