Badgirl and the badboy

Meet Lux a bad girl with her raven black hair, leather jacket. She's always late to class, i mean if she even goes to class. She gets detention a lot. But she doesn't care why would she. But she has a secret only her family and old friends know about.

Meet Jason the schools bad boy. He gets every girl he wants. And does a lot of bad things. There are rumors going that he has been to jail, but no one knows if it's true. But there is something that nobody knows about him.

What happens when the bad boy and the bad girl meets? Will they fall in love? End up hating each other? Or maybe just be friends?


5. You get me? yes? no? okay.

"Mom i'm home!" i yell and close the front door. My mother came out of the living room. "hi sweetie" she said. "How was it at the dance studio?"  "it was great, she said that they have a dance team who would really want me to join the team" i said. "that's great honey!"

I went up to my room and went into my closet. I got some comfy loose shorts and a t-shirt. I went into the bathroom and locked the door. I plugged my phone into my speaker and hit shuffle. Blank space with Taylor Swift came on. I took of my clothe and jumped ins the shower. "oh my god, look at that face" I sang with Taylor. Sadly I'll say she is a lot better than me. I got out and dried off and put my shirt and shorts on.

I went in to my room and got out my drawing paper and a pencil. I went over to my window where I have a little sitting area thing. You get me? Yes? No? Okay.

I love drawing I'm not too good but not too bad either. I start drawing. It's an eye. Long dark eyelashes. I draw another eye. I soon start to draw a face. It's not anybody I know. It's a girl. Her hair is halfway over her left eye. And there is som hair in her face. Just like the wind is blowing in her hair. After a while I'm done. I get up to get som colored pencils to color it in, when my phone rings.

"Jello" I said.

"Hi it's Samantha." Well Samantha said

Phone convo. S=Samantha L=Lux

L: oh hi what's up?

S: not much I just wanted to say that since tomorrow is Friday then me and the girls are going out shopping tomorrow and then going to a party. So we wanted to know if wanted to come?

L: Sure! I mean I don't really like shopping but whatever I don't care.

S: haha good. I'll see you tomorrow!

L: yep see ya!

End of phone convo.

I put my phone down on my bedside table. I look around the room. In the corner of my bed there is a little teddy bear holding a heart where it says I love you. He gave it to me...

I go over to my window thing again with the colors and sit down. I get out a brown colored pencil. I color around the pupil only just around it. Then I get some greens and color the rest of the eye. So she gets a hazel colored eye. I'm about to start coloring the other eye when there is a knock on my door.

"Come in" I say

The door opens and it's my mother.

"Hi mom"

"Hi sweety, I see you're drawing. That's nice. Don't you think it is getting a little late?" She asks.

I look at the time.

"Sorry mom, lost track of time with the drawing." I say

"It's fine dear. Get some sleep I'll see you tomorrow.

I know it is not that long. I'm sorry. I'll write another chapter this week that is longer. But I hope you like it.


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