Badgirl and the badboy

Meet Lux a bad girl with her raven black hair, leather jacket. She's always late to class, i mean if she even goes to class. She gets detention a lot. But she doesn't care why would she. But she has a secret only her family and old friends know about.

Meet Jason the schools bad boy. He gets every girl he wants. And does a lot of bad things. There are rumors going that he has been to jail, but no one knows if it's true. But there is something that nobody knows about him.

What happens when the bad boy and the bad girl meets? Will they fall in love? End up hating each other? Or maybe just be friends?


1. The New hell hole- sorry school

Beep Beep!


My alarm went off. Today is my first Day at the New hell hole- sorry School. I just moved here to Pennsylvania from New York with my mom, dad and little brother.


I got up and went to my bathroom. I stripped down and went into the shower

*after shower*

I got out and dried myself. I looked in the mirror. I had a good body I was thin, but not to thin, and I had curves just the right places.

I put on my bra and underwear. In my walk-in closet I found my green day t-shirt and black skinny jeans.

"Lux we're leaving in 20" my mom yelled.

"Okay"i yelled back. I hurried into the bathroom and dried my straigt, raven black hair, it goes a little bit under my chest.

Then I put a little bit mascara on. I don't really like make-up that much.

Grabbing my leather jacket I ran down the stairs and put my black converse on.

"II'll take you to school today but other days your driving by yourself" my mom said.

"Come on Mike let's go" my little brother Mike is a sophomore in high school while I'm a a senior.

Mike came down and we drove to school.


"Bye mom" I said and went out of the car.


I started walking towards the school, and everybody was looking at me. Like I would care. Okay I admit I'm a little nervous but whatever. I kept walking. When I got to the doors of the school I of course opened them. Again everybody was looking at me.

"Take a picture it'll last longer" I said to a girl and her friend. They quickly looked away.

I went into the office and saw a middle aged woman there.

"Hi" I said walking up to her.

"Hello, how may I help you" she said with a smile. A little too much awake for my liking.

"I'm new here" I said

"Oh what's your name dear"

"Lux, Lux Valentine" I said.

"Okay, here is your schedule and your locker number and combination is also on there. Have a nice first day here at West Mònt high" she said giving me a piece of paper.




I found my locker easily because the first bell for home room had already rang. I put in my bag and looked at my Schedule.

Boring, boring, boring. I hate school.


Okay so I have math now and after that i have French. The bell rang and people came out of they're home rooms and filled the halls. I folded my schedule and put it into my pocket. I started looking for room 132 for math.

While I was looking for the room the bell rang and now the halls were empty.

Oh no I was gonna be late! ha! like I care. I finally found the room and went in.


Everybody was looking at me, when i went into the classroom.

"You must be the new student, would you tell a little bit about yourself?" the teacher said. "oh and i'm mr. Smith" he- well mr. smith said.


I walked in and looked at the students.

"My name is Lux Valentine, i'm 17 and I just moved here from New York" I said without any emotion. "okay you can sit beside Mason" he said and pointed to a brown haired boy with blue eyes. Let's just say he was pretty hot. I smirked and made way down to the table. I pulled my chair out and sat down.

"Hi, my name is Mason, and your Lux right?" Mason asked.

"Yes" I said and looked up at the teacher.




"Yea see you later" I said to Mason.

"See ya' " he said and walked the opposite way then me. Mason and I had started talking in class, and he turned out to be a okay guy.

Right now I'm on my way to French

Yay! 'note the sarcasm'


I walked in to the classroom and there was almost nobody here yet. I walked down to the right corner of the classroom. I took my iPhone out of my bag and put some music on.

I was listening to smile by Avril Lavigne when somebody pulled my earphones out. I looked up and saw a boy with brown hair and brown eyes, he was wearing black pants, and a normal t-shirt with a leather jacket. I would say he was the typical badboy. (He looks like Justin Bieber, sorry if you don't like him, but he's hot)


"What did you do that for?!" I said/yelled. Why would he do that. You don't just go up to someone and pull they're earphones out.

"You're sitting in my seat" he said angry.

"Unless you paid for it or it has your name on it, it is not your seat" I said. Seriously! what is wrong with him.

"No! but I always sit they're ALWAYS!" He yelled almost everyone was looking at us now.

"Well it's always good to have a change sometimes" I said.

"Fine! you may win this time but you won't be so lucky the next time Babe" he said and sat down beside me.


I looked up and saw that everyone were staring at us.

"What? have you never seen people before" I said to them and they all looked a way quickly. A chuckle came from my right. Of course it was him, I don't even know his name.

"What?" I snapped. I'm not always this bitchy only with people I don't like. "Nothing" he said. When I looked at him again he looked slightly familiar.

"Have I seen you before" I asked him.

"Nope, I don't think so babygirl" he said. What's up with the nicknames. When I looked at him one last time it clicked.

"You look like.....




Sorry that they are a little short i'll try and make them longer. anyways please vote and keep reading it'll be better soon.


Bye ~<>~

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