Badgirl and the badboy

Meet Lux a bad girl with her raven black hair, leather jacket. She's always late to class, i mean if she even goes to class. She gets detention a lot. But she doesn't care why would she. But she has a secret only her family and old friends know about.

Meet Jason the schools bad boy. He gets every girl he wants. And does a lot of bad things. There are rumors going that he has been to jail, but no one knows if it's true. But there is something that nobody knows about him.

What happens when the bad boy and the bad girl meets? Will they fall in love? End up hating each other? Or maybe just be friends?


2. like putting ham into a muffin


Mason" i finished.

"Of course i do" He said.

"Am i missing something"

"Princess we're twins" What?! How can they be twins Mason is Nice and a good guy, and this guy is stupid, annoying a complete ass. "But how? he's so Nice and your so..... Well you" i said.

"Him nice? he's an idiot!"




"I'll see you tomorrow" i said.

"Yep see ya' " Sophie said and walked to her car. I went out to the parking lot and waited for my mom.

Your probably wondering who Sophie is. Am I right? right. Well I met Sophie in English and we became friends. She's a beautiful girl with long brown hair and brown eyes. At lunch I sat with her and her other friends. There was Samantha, she wasn't a nerd but she was a straight A student. She has Red hair that stops right under her shoulders and she has blue eyes. And then there is Ashley she has long blonde hair and green eyes.


I saw my moms car come, Mike all of the sudden came from behind me and we both went to moms car.


*at home*


Finally I was in my room. After my mom kept asking questions about how my first day of school was.

Anyways I'm now in my room. We got here like a week ago so we had already packed everything out.

I found my computer and went over to my bed. I sat down and logged onto Facebook. I had five friend requests.


Sophie Wright wants to be your friend

Samantha Stones wants to be your friend

Ashley Parker wants to be your friend

Nathan Parker wants to be your friend

Mason Grey wants to be your friend.


Nathan is Ashley's brother well twin. he's quite hot. I said yes to all.


Right after I accepted Sophie she wrote



FB chat:

S=Sophie L=Lux




S:I can't believe Jason kept staring @ u 2day in school


L: who is Jason?


S: Jason is the badboy u know the guy who kept staring at you 2day


L: oh! asshole! he is so annoying like u can't own a seat


S: yea but he's hot


L: nope


S: u know u 2 would make a good couple. The badgirl and the badboy perfect couple


L: putting us 2gether is like putting ham into a cupcake. yea not right


S: wutever!


L: but gtg ttyl


S: okay cya


End of conversation


I logged of Facebook and went on twitter. nothing new. then I took my phone and went onto Instagram, kik, and snapchat.

On snapchat I had 4 friend requests one from Sophie and Samantha and Ashley of course cause I gave them my username. The last one was someone called 'Jason.grey'  Jason. I accepted them all even Jason's. I don't know why though. Call me stupid cause I know it was probably a bad idea. Oh well!


"Lux, Mike, Dinner is ready" my mom called. I went down and helped set the table. Mike came down and we started eating. after dinner Mike helped with the dishes and I went up to my room.




I looked at my clock it was '9:53' I'm gonna get ready for bed. I got up and went to my bath room and closed the door. I washed my face and took my make-up off and went into my room again. From there I went into my walk-in closet and got some booty shorts and an old t-shirt I have from New York, it's actually not mine.... but that's a story for another time.


I quickly changed and went to bed. I fell asleep before you could even say goodnight.

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