Badgirl and the badboy

Meet Lux a bad girl with her raven black hair, leather jacket. She's always late to class, i mean if she even goes to class. She gets detention a lot. But she doesn't care why would she. But she has a secret only her family and old friends know about.

Meet Jason the schools bad boy. He gets every girl he wants. And does a lot of bad things. There are rumors going that he has been to jail, but no one knows if it's true. But there is something that nobody knows about him.

What happens when the bad boy and the bad girl meets? Will they fall in love? End up hating each other? Or maybe just be friends?


4. hi guys!


i'm am so sorry i have'nt posted. I was'nt really sure if i wanted to keep going with the story. But i deciden i would. 

I have made some changes in the chapters so if you get confused later on then that's why. You can just go back and read them again if you want. I will post the next chapter either tomorrow (sunday) or the day after (monday)


Have a great day! see you<3

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